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PTK members win three scholarships over summer break and more

Georgia Highlands College’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter has had a busy summer, earning three competitive regional scholarships, attending a conference in New Mexico, coordinating a camp in Atlanta and priming new PTK members for the coming 2015-2016 academic year.

PTK Chapter President Justin Jones, VP of Membership Mykayla Jeter and the Lead Faculty Advisor Karen Huggin represented GHC at the PTK Honors Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in June.

Over 500 international PTK chapter representatives were also in attendance.

“Honors Institute is an intensive weeklong exploration of the PTK Honors in Action Study Topic: Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration,” Huggin said. “Features of the event included small group seminars, educational trips and activities, and lectures with internationally recognized speakers such as Dr. Reza Aslan, Sonia Shah, Steve Winter and Jeff Leiberman.”

If that wasn’t enough, GHC’s PTK chapter went on to coordinate and lead the first annual Georgia Region Boot Camp-North held at Atlanta Metropolitan State College in July.

“Our GHC Alpha Psi Omicron PTK chapter was elected again to one of four regional chapter officer positions at this past Spring Regional Conference. We hold the regional office of Chapter Relations and Justin Jones is our regional chapter representative,” Huggin said.  

“This intensive all-day event featured training on the Phi Theta Kappa Hallmarks of Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Fellowship with special emphasis on required 5-Star Chapter Development projects such as the Honors in Action project,” she went on.

The eventful summer didn’t end there. GHC’s incoming 2015-2016 officers also participated in an intensive all-day training workshop led by Huggin. The meet also featured a live webinar from PTK headquarters on chapter projects and scholarship writing instructions. Huggin stated that the team will eventually share that message with the campus community during the fall semester.

Justin Jones (Chapter President), Mykayla Jeter (VP of Membership), Holly Chaney (VP of PR and Social Media), Roy Clifton (VP of Campus Events), Christin Koutavas (VP of Chapter Goals), and Josh Stovall (Cartersville Campus Advisor) were in attendance.

Phi Theta Kappa is a nationally recognized student organization for two-year college honors students that both awards and encourages scholarship and academic excellence. To learn more about PTK, please visit: ptk.org 

Page last updated: July 17, 2015