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Claims for mileage must be supported by printout from MapQuest Driving Directions.

Miles should be deducted for commute (main campus to home.) No commute mileage deduction is needed for travel on weekends, holidays or outside of normal work schedule.

Vehicle reservation approval from campus fleet coordinator must be included.

Intercampus Mileage Log is used to record multiple campus to campus trips. For instance, a professor based in Rome campus, but traveling to Cartersville to teach for one semester would fill out the mileage log.

Intercampus Mileage Grid replaces MapQuest as a reference for mileage of campus-to-campus travel.

For non-campus to campus travel DOAS Fleet Support Vehicle Cost Comparison must be used to determine expense and efficiency prior to travel in order to be granted Tier 1 approval.

Traveler is authorized to use personal vehicle only when it is the least expensive option and no temporary vehicle is available, or the supervisor determines in writing that the least expensive option is not efficient.

See Business Procedures Manual (Section 4.6) for complete mileage reimbursement guidelines.


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