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Daily Per Diem

Employees traveling overnight may be paid a per diem amount designed to cover the cost of
meals. Incidental expenses are reimbursed separately as they are not included in the per
diem rate.

Per Diem allowances are calculated based on last location of the travel day. For non-overnight
travel the calculation is based on the last business location. For overnight travel the
calculation is based on the location of lodging for each night of travel.

Overnight travelers will receive 75% of allowable per diem on day of departure and return.
For example: if $28 is total reimbursement, $28 x 0.75 = $21 allowable on travel departure and
return day unless meals are provide in conjunction with travel. If a meal is provided at no cost
in conjunction with travel on departure or return day, the full meals per diem reimbursement
rate is reduced by full amount of the appropriate meals before the 75% proration. For example:
per diem allows $28 total reimbursement for the day and if lunch was provided at no cost on
travel departure or return, then the total reimbursable amount for the day would be:
$15.75 ($28 - $7 for lunch] = $21 x 0.75 = $15.75)

For Single Day/Non-overnight trips, travelers will receive 100% of the allowable Per Diem if
traveler is away for 12 hours or more and more than 50 miles away from home and main
campus. IF a meal is provided in conjunction with travel than the full per diem would be
$28 - $7 [lunch] = $21

Per Diem allowance rate is based on the Federal Per Diem rate, except while traveling within
the State of Georgia. The per diem rate for Georgia is $28, except in high-cost counties
(section 4.1.8) where the per diem rate is $36.
Per meal breakdown can be found in the Pocket Guide to Travel.
PLEASE NOTE: Out-of-state travel and In-state travel per diems do not include “Incidentals".
Incidentals are reimbursed separately as they are not included with per deim or out of state
they are excluded from GSA.
See Business Procedures Manual (Section 4.4 & 4.5) for complete per diem guidelines.


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