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How do I obtain disability support services?

All services for students with disabilities are on an individual basis, this ensures a student's specific disability needs will be accommodated reasonably and successfully. It is the student's responsibility to self-identify in Student Support Services and provide documentation of their disability to Student Support Services very early in their admission/acceptance process. Confidentiality will be maintained. It will be necessary to make an appointment in Student Support Services to evaluate a student's needs and to become oriented with the services and accommodations provided according to a student's documentation.

Do I have to have an appointment to discuss my disability documentation or accommodations?

Yes, since accommodations are based on your personal documentation, an appointment is necessary to allow time to discuss your situation and provide time for the appropriate forms to be completed.

Is testing available if I think I have a disability?

Students enrolled in a USG school are eligible to be tested through the Regents Center for Learning Disorders at Georgia State University for a fee. Testing can also be conducted by a private Psychologist or Psychiatrist if they follow the BOR criteria (

Will instructors give accommodations or extended testing time if I just tell them about my disability?

Instructors do NOT provide accommodations for students with disabilities unless a student has followed the procedures for self-identifying and providing qualifying documentation to Student Support Services. Once a student is approved for accommodations, Student Support Services will provide the student with an Accommodation Letter to take to their instructors.

Who do I contact to request my Accommodation Letter to take to my instructors?

Contact Student Support Services to request your Accommodation Letter. This should be done before the semester or very early in the semester.

I have been approved for extended testing time through Student Support Services.

Testing Accommodations are approved by Student Support Services, but administered by the faculty. Please discuss possible arrangements with your instructor. Instructors may proctor their own tests and provide extended time. The testing rooms at Floyd, Cartersville, and Marietta are available to assist some faculty in providing this accommodation.

I have agreed to be a notetaker for a student with a disability in class. How do I get my notes copied?

Student Support Services or the GHC main offices should allow volunteer student notetakers to make copies of their notes in the office. Neither the notetaker nor the student should be charged for the copies. The notetaker can deliver the copies to the campus Student Support Services office.

Who do I talk to if I am not getting my accommodations?

All concerns about accommodations should be discussed with the Student Support Services.

Are employees of Georgia Highlands College accommodated through Student Support Services?

In regard to matters pertaining to compliance with provisions for the Americans with Disability Act, the Director of Human Resources has been designated as the institutional officer responsible for assuring compliance in matters relating to employment and employees. The Director of Student Support Services has been designated as the institutional officer responsible for compliance with all other ADA requirements.



Does counseling work?
We certainly believe so, if the conditions are right. A willingness to change and to take risks is critical to the success of the counseling process. Unfortunately, by the time many people do decide to seek counseling, their problems have often existed so long that it has become habitual. This makes reversing it difficult. The familiar becomes comfortable and non-threatening. Problems do not surface overnight, nor do solutions. Give counseling a chance to work.

What kinds of issues do we handle?
Any issue that causes you concern is appropriate to bring to counseling. Examples of concerns which students bring to Student Support Services are:

-Low self-esteem
-Feeling overwhelmed or completely stressed out
-Problems with balancing school, work and/or family
-Self-defeating behaviors
-Concerns about grades
-Examining career options
-Studying more effectively
-Eating or sleeping problems
-Coping with loss
-Exploring their sexuality
-Understanding their professors
-Anger management
-Transferring to a senior college or university

Who's eligible for counseling services?
Services are available to all students who are registered for classes during the current term. Students who have graduated from Georgia Highlands College during the past year may also avail themselves of the services offered. Services are free and confidential.

Is a counselor available on my campus?
We are available to any Georgia Highlands College student or recent graduate, regardless of which campus they take classes. Whenever possible, we schedule appointments at all sites. Just check with your campus staff or contact us directly for times we are available.

How do I make a counseling appointment?
Appointments for individual counseling sessions are usually 30 minutes to one hour in length. Students are asked to contact us if you need to cancel or reschedule a session. You have the right to discontinue counseling at any time; however, we feel it best that you discuss your intentions with your counselor so that appropriate resources may be suggested. If you feel uncertain about whether counseling is for you, we suggest you make an initial appointment to discuss your reservations with a counselor. There is no obligation to continue.

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