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Academic Counseling

The transition from high school to college, or work to college, is a difficult one for many students. Typically, high school students are not accustomed to spending long hours studying. They are used to cramming for tests and "getting by". Once in college, particularly after the first semester, students quickly realize that they may lack some of the skills necessary to succeed in college.

Below are some links to web sites that we think may help you to become a more successful student. The Tutorial Center provides support to students in many subject areas, so please plan to visit it. Student Support Services also offers individualized assistance with these topics, so you may find it important to schedule an appointment. Good luck with your studies!

Although not to be used as a substitute for face-to-face counseling, we have provided some online information to some issues of concern to students.

Time Management

Learning Styles

Study Skills

Student Online Readiness Tool

Test Taking

Survival Strategies for Taking Tests

Goal Setting

Math Anxiety

Note Taking

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