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Change Program of Study

Declare or change your program of study

It is to the student's advantage to select their program of study for their academic career as early in their academic studies as possible. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution, who have not selected their program of study, will be placed in the General Studies program for transfer. For those students who are undecided as to career paths, following the core curriculum for areas A-E is recommended. Careful planning should include consideration for the Area D requirements for science or math majors.

Students are encouraged to work with their faculty advisor. The student is responsible for knowing their course and degree requirements for Georgia Highlands College. Students are also encouraged to visit the Counseling and Career Center for individual testing and counseling assistance regarding the choosing of a program of study.


Change of Program of Study

Students who wish to change their program of study must file a change form with the Office of the Registrar. Click here to access the online form. Paper forms may be found on any Georgia Highlands College campus. A program of study change is effective the semester following the student's current enrollment or pre-registration.

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