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Academic Records or Transcripts

The Registrarís Office maintains permanent academic records on all students who have ever enrolled at the College. All practices and policies dealing with the acquisition, retention and disclosure of information contained in student records are formulated with due regard to the student's right of privacy. No record is kept which will detrimentally discriminate by race, creed, or political belief.

The Registrarís Office maintains the official transcript and electronic file of each student. Transcripts of educational records contain information only about the student's academic status, except that disciplinary action is recorded in cases where it affects the student's eligibility to register. The electronic file contains all admissions materials, records of official correspondence concerning the studentís admission status, and records of other actions taken with respect to the student's academic work or study. These records are available only to members of the staff and faculty of the College who have a demonstrated need for such information. Information is made available to other persons only with written permission of the student. Students have the right to inspect the official transcript of their academic record and their electronic file; to request an interpretation and explanation of information contained within these records; to request amendment of educational records that are incorrect or misleading or that violate privacy or other rights; and to request a hearing to amend such records, if necessary.

The following information may be released by the College without the student's consent: whether the student is enrolled, dates of enrollment, degrees earned, major, honors and awards. This information will be given out upon request unless the student requests in writing to the Registrar that it not be released.

The following exceptions are observed in the release of information concerning students: the College shall comply with applicable federal and state laws and with court orders which require the release of information under legal compulsion or in cases in which the physical well-being or safety of persons or property is involved.

Release of Transcripts

The Registrarís Office of the college will release student transcripts only with written permission of the student. This permission may be given by completing a Transcript Request Form available at campuses of the institution; by submission of a signed facsimile request. All requests must include the studentís Social Security Number and signature. Other identifying information may be required, such as years of attendance or birth date. The College reserves the right to require additional identifying information in order to protect the studentís right to privacy.

In an emergency, Georgia Highlands College will fax a copy of a studentís transcript to appropriate parties upon request, to be followed by an official transcript forwarded by mail or electronic transmittal. The college assumes no responsibility for breach of a studentís privacy as a result of the faxed transcript or electronic transmittal.

In certain situations Georgia Highlands College may accept a faxed transcript for admissions purposes. The College does not acknowledge that a faxed copy is official. The student must instruct all colleges or universities previously attended to forward official transcripts to Georgia Highlands College by U.S. Mail or electronic transmittal.

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