Georgia Highlands College

Outdoor and Recreation Facilities

The athletic facilities on campus are available for student, faculty and staff use.

Non-students may use the facilities with permission from the College. In general, athletic facilities are reserved on a priority basis with academic classes having first priority. The gym and fields are available for students for open play when possible.

Anyone wishing to reserve recreational facilities should contact the Office of Physical Education at 706-295-6353 for specific regulations.

The following individuals may utilize the facilities in accordance with these priorities:

Currently employed faculty and staff members

Currently enrolled students in credit courses, public service courses and public service activities

Spouses and children of currently employed faculty and staff members

Spouses and children of currently enrolled students when accompanied by the appropriate student

Special guests of currently employed faculty and staff members when accompanied by the faculty or staff member

Non-campus individuals and groups as scheduled or approved by calling 706-802-5109

Students, faculty and staff may be asked to present a valid data card for entry. Individuals enrolled in Community Education courses will be asked to present proper identification. Additional policies, regulations, procedures, etc. pertaining to the utilization of specific facilities may be formulated and implemented as appropriate.

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