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The Human Resources Department and various members of the College will conduct a New Employee Orientation session at the beginning of each academic term.  During this program, new employees will receive important information regarding the College, its mission, organization and its policies and procedures.  Also, topics about compensation, benefits, performance appraisals and other information necessary to enrich the employee’s experience and success at the College will be covered.  This orientation session may occur some time after an employee has already been employed, therefore, he or she should feel free to ask questions at anytime from their supervisor, co-workers or the Human Resources Department.

Also, each new employee shall be responsible for reading and familiarizing himself or herself with the contents of the Georgia Highlands College Employee Handbook and the Georgia Highlands College Policies and Procedures Manual.  A copy of the Georgia Highlands College Policies and Procedures Manual is made available in every office, division, and department.  The department head or supervisor will be responsible for explaining the duties and responsibilities of the job [Board of Regents Policy 802.06].

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