Georgia Highlands College

Process for assigning faculty to college locations

Each faculty member has an assigned duty station.  This station is determined by the College based upon instructional needs at the various locations.  In general, the station will be the location that the faculty member teaches at most frequently.  If it is possible to do so, the College will assign an office to the faculty member at the assigned duty station.

  • The Instructional Council will determine the discipline needs and program plans for each location of the College.

  • Academic deans will assign instructors based on

    • discipline and programs needs,

    • past teaching assignments of the faculty members, and

    • any College seniority involving rank and date of hire.

  • Academic deans will determine unmet instructional needs and recommend to the Vice President for Academic aAffairs whether to fill them with new hires, part time faculty or moving additional faculty.

  • If a faculty member is not satisfied with an assigned duty station, the faculty member can appeal the decision to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Reviewed by Cabinet December 13, 2004

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