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Guidelines for Faculty Compensation for Independent Study Courses

 Note:  The intent of this plan is to establish guidelines for financially compensating faculty who teach independent study students.  The plan is not intended to provide a process for converting small class sections into independent study sections.  Generally, a student will take a course by independent study to facilitate completing a program. 

1. Full-time faculty members may lead independent study courses.

2. Requests for independent study sections may emanate from students, faculty, or academic deans.  When an academic dean determines that an independent study section is warranted, the academic dean will send a written request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval.  The endorsement must include the name of the faculty member teaching the course and the reasons for teaching the course by independent study. 

3. Acceptance of a teaching assignment for an independent study section is completely at the discretion of the faculty member.

4. Enrollment in independent study courses will generally be limited to a maximum of 5 students.

5. Students may register for an independent course only with the approval of the faculty member assigned to instruct the course. 

6. For each student who remains enrolled in the course at the end of the drop/add period for the term, the faculty member will be approved for compensation equal to one-tenth the appropriate part-time salary rate for the College.


Approved by Cabinet 2-3-2003 

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