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Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee Charge and Purpose

The Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee members are appointed by the President of the college annually. Recommendations for appointments are submitted by the Director of the Dental Hygiene Program.

Members of the committee will act as consultants in matters concerning dental hygiene practice and will assist in the determination of community health and dental hygiene manpower needs. Information attained through the advisory mechanism may serve as a resource in such matters as student recruitment, patient referrals and employment requirements and opportunities.

Every effort should be made to cooperate with the local dental hygiene society, the Georgia Dental Hygienists Association, the local dental society, the Georgia Dental Association and other organized bodies representing the dental and dental hygiene professions.

The committee, working through the Director of Dental Hygiene, must remain sensitive to its consultant role in that the final authority and responsibility for the educational program must be retained by Georgia Highlands College.


Approved: May, 2004

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