Georgia Highlands College

Academic Course Syllabus Guidelines

Include on each syllabus:

  • “Georgia Highlands College” at top of first page of syllabus
  • Course number, name, CRN number (from GHC Semester Schedule), and credit hours
  • Academic Semester and Year
  • Meeting Days and Times
  • Mid-Term Date (Last day to withdraw with a “W”)
  • Prerequisites, if any
  • Course Description (from Georgia Highlands College Catalog)
  • Instructor Name, Phone number, E-mail address, office number and office hours (if you have an office)
  • Course Outcomes or Objectives
  • Grading System (be specific!)
  • Attendance Policy (be specific!)
  • Tobacco-Free Campus (NEW):

Georgia Highlands College prohibits the use of tobacco products on any property owned, leased, or controlled by GHC. All faculty, staff, students, visitors, vendors, contractors, and all others are prohibited from using any tobacco products (i.e., cigarettes, eCigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.) while on GHC property.

  • Early Warning Program:

Georgia Highlands College requires that all faculty members report their students' progress throughout the course of the semester as part of the institution-wide Early Warning Program (EWP).  The objective of the program is to support academic success by reviewing early indicators of satisfactory student progress.  In accordance with EWP, faculty members provide the Registrar's Office with academic reports of each student enrolled in their course(s) at checkpoints staggered throughout the semester.  The following success factors are reported at their corresponding checkpoint:

Week 2: Notification of Non-attendance

Week 6: Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory Progress

  • Early Grades Statement:

"GHC offers a variety of part-of-term classes to allow our students to have flexible schedules.  However, there are only three Semesters each year; Spring, Summer and Fall.  It is only at the end of each Semester that grades are rolled to academic history and available on the official transcript.  After each part-of-term, as soon as Instructors have entered grades, they may be viewed online by logging into the SCORE (  Transcripts may also be request at any time by logging into the SCORE.  Prior to the end of term, should a student need an early grade letter sent to another institution they may complete the request form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for processing (  Please contact the Registrar’s Office at if you need any assistance."

  • Extended Absence Policy:

“Students, who have circumstances that prevent them from continuing to attend classes over an extended period of time, sometimes request that the faculty member permit them to submit work in absentia to receive credit to complete the course. If the concurrent absences will constitute more than 15% of the class sessions for the term, then written permission from the Academic Dean is required before any course assignments can be completed while missing class.  The student must be in good academic standing in the course to make the request.  All approved coursework must be completed by the end of the semester in which the course was begun.”

(Note: If a program has a more stringent absence policy than this, then the program policy prevails.)

  • Laboratory Statement (if applicable):
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Since this course involves a laboratory component, there are specific safety issues that students need to be aware of (such  as use of lab coats and/or safety goggles, or any other such example specifically related to that course).  It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all such issues and act in an extremely cautious manner to avoid any potential causes for accidents in the laboratory.  GHC is not liable for any accident in the lab due to negligence on the part of any individual.”


  • Exam Make-Up Policy
  • Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Policies

Policies on student conduct and academic integrity are in the College’s “Student Rights & Responsibilities” document.  This can be accessed by including on the syllabus the following URL:

  • Disability Statement: 

"If any student in the class feels that he or she needs accommodation due to a disability, please feel free to discuss this with the instructor early in the term. Georgia Highlands College has resources available for students with certain disabilities. Accommodations may be made (such as providing materials in alternative formats, assuring physical access to classrooms or being sensitive to interaction difficulties that may be posed by communication and/or learning disabilities) through Student Support Services on all campuses. For more information please contact: Cartersville 678-872-8004; Douglasville and Floyd 706-368-7536; Marietta 678-915-5021; Paulding 678-946-1029.”

  • Financial Aid Statement:

"This message applies only to students receiving financial aid:  Federal regulations state that if a student did not attend classes and received failing grades, then the grades were not earned and financial aid needs to be reduced accordingly.  Please be advised that any student receiving a 0.00 GPA will be required to prove that the 0.00 GPA was earned by attending classes or completing requirements for each classStudents who have earned at least one passing grade for the semester will not be affected by this regulation.  If a student has properly withdrawn from all classes, the student’s financial aid should be adjusted from the time they signed the withdrawal form."

  • Textbooks and other required books, supplies, supplementary materials, etc. (Follow a standard bibliographical format—Title, author, date, current required  edition)
  • Topic Outline (Course Contents)
  • Assignments:  Reading, Written, Laboratory
  • Include when applicable:

Special Projects

Special Course Fees (check with Academic Dean for applicable fees)

Certification (s)

Special Trips

Special Dress

Special Equipment, Supplies

Lesson Plans

Unique Requirements



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