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Policy for Granting of Emeritus Status

The Statutes and Faculty Affairs (SFA) Committee will be the clearinghouse for people requesting emeritus status. Nominations (by self or others) for emeritus status should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by September 1 of each year, at which time the committee will screen the applicants. Once names are approved by the committee, they will go before the faculty for approval at the next faculty meeting following said committee approval. Upon faculty approval, the names will move on to the President for final awarding of emeritus status for the end of Fall semester each year.

Criteria used by the SFA Committee:                                                                                        

The nominee for emeritus status must be a retired and tenured professor, associate professor, or assistant professor, or Board-approved non-tenure track faculty of equivalent rank, who, at the time of retirement, has had ten years or more of honorable and distinguished service in the University System. Also, the nominee may be a Board-approved, retired administrative officer, who, at the time of retirement, had ten years or more of honorable and distinguished service in the University System.

In addition to the ten years of service required, the SFA Committee will require a curriculum vitae from the nominee to assist in evaluating the level of service to the institution. Activities indicating service could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • committee service
  • participation in professional associations
  • development of curriculum
  • coordination of advising
  • administrative duties such as course scheduling, supervising budgetary matters, and evaluating faculty and/or staff.


Approved by Faculty: May 10, 2005

Revisions approved by electronic vote of the Instructional Council: November 5, 2007.

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