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Guiding Principles for Hiring and Assigning Courses to Part-Time Instructors who are TRS Retirees

Part-time instructors who have retired under the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) have strict requirements for a maximum teaching load in any given semester.


1)      All assignments to part-time faculty are on an as needed basis and are subject to change up to the end of the drop/add period for each semester.

2)      It is the responsibility of the part-time instructor to notify Georgia Highlands College of all current instructing assignments, especially those at other USG institutions. This must be taken into account as the academic dean determines the workload at Georgia Highlands College for the instructor.

3)      The maximum teaching load for a part-time instructor who is a TRS retiree for Fall and Spring semesters is up to and not exceeding seven (7) credit hours in Fall semester and up to but not exceeding seven (7) credit hours in the Spring.

4)      A part-time instructor who is a TRS retiree may teach a maximum of four (4) credit hours in the Summer semester.


Approved: President’s Cabinet – June 24, 2002

Amended – June 6, 2005

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