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Requesting an Accommodation Letter (Students)

·      A student must be approved for accommodations before requesting an accommodation letter.   

·      The student should complete an Accommodation Letter Request Form in Student Support Services during the first few weeks of each semester.

·       Accommodation letters should be picked up from Student Support Services or any campus main office at the beginning of every semester.

  •  The student should check over the letter.

  •  The letter should be presented to each professor at a private meeting arranged by the student.

  • The professor should add his/her signature beside the course they are teaching. They are welcome to copy the letter for their personal records or they may write their initials beside their signature and a copy will be sent to them from Student Support Services.

  • The student should sign and date the bottom of the letter when completed and bring it back to Student Support Services or any campus main office to be sent to Student Support Services and added to their file.

  • Accommodations are never retroactive. The professor is only responsible for providing accommodations once he or she has received an Accommodation Letter, not before.


Approved by Cabinet: 12-18-06

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