Georgia Highlands College

Policies of the Nursing Readmission Committee

1.  The Readmissions Committee consists of three nursing faculty members who have been employed at Georgia Highlands College for a minimum of three years. The chair of the committee shall be elected annually by the committee members. The members of the Readmission Committee are not for public knowledge.

2.  The Readmission Committee shall meet when needed for consideration of applications for readmission to the nursing program.

3.  The Readmission Committee shall report the recommendations to the Director of the Nursing Program.

4.  The Readmission Committee shall review, consider, and decide on acceptance of applicants for readmission to the nursing program based on the qualifications specified in the catalog and the number of available spaces.

5. The Readmissions Committee has the right to determine program requirements for readmission based on the Nursing Curriculum courses as outlined in the catalog.

6.  The Readmissions Committee may make judgments about readmission status of students based on the time since courses have been taken, repeated courses or personal factors that impacted academic records.

7.  The Readmissions Committee shall provide the Director of the Nursing Program a brief report of the recommendations of the committee.

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