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Faculty Workload Policy for Health Science Faculty

The faculty workload is based on contact hours because of teaching responsibilities for dental hygiene and nursing faculty in the campus laboratory and clinical facility as well as the classroom. Two hundred twenty-five (225) contact hours (equivalent to 15 credit hours) per semester are expected of health science faculty members. Contact hours for health science faculty are based on time spent in the classroom presenting theory content, presenting campus laboratory content, teaching and supervision in the clinical/clinic setting, and grading and evaluation of student demonstrations of campus laboratory and simulation skills. Workload associated with course coordination for health science faculty is represented by 8 contact hours per week.

Faculty is expected to schedule eight office hours/week for student appointments. Office hours are not counted as contact hours. Faculty is expected to schedule their time to include the following in their workload with the majority of time devoted to teaching and advisement:

Teaching and Advisement

Administration and Governance

Service and Community Outreach

Research/Scholarly Activity/Creative Work


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