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READ 0099


Some questions and answers for students

Why did I have to take this class?

You scored above the minimum score required for admission but below 77 on the COMPASS Placement Test. This indicates that your level of reading is not sufficient to be successful in credit-level college courses. This class is designed to improve your skills, especially in expository reading, so you can be a successful college student.

What will this course do for me?

It will help you improve your reading skills to a level of competency needed for college-level course work.

What do I have to do to get into credit-level courses?

You must do two things: (1) Pass the course with a "C" or better AND (2) Score 75 or above on the comprehensive test in MyReadingLab

What if I don't pass the comprehensive test?

You will have two (2) chances to pass the test. If you don't pass it, you will have to repeat the READ 0099 course.

How many times can I take READ 0099?

You have two (2) attempts at the course. Otherwise, state regulations require that you be dismissed from college. If you have qualifying disability paperwork from the disability office at your campus, you may be eligible for additional attempts. See the disability specialist at your site for more information.

What courses are open for me while I am in READ 0099?

The requirement to take READ 0099 prohibits students from enrollment in most credit-level courses until READ 0099 is passed. There is a specific list of courses available. Talk with your academic advisor for information on which of these fit your program needs.

Does this count in my grade point average (GPA)?

NO. Learning Support courses do not count in your GPA. However, they DO show on your transcript and they MAY AFFECT your eligibility for financial aid from either HOPE or Pell Grants.

Where can I get more information about this class?

Follow this link to Rules and Regulations, or contact the Office of Academic Support on the Floyd Campus at (706) 295-6357. For further discussion, see your instructor or one of the directors at your site of Georgia Highlands College. You can also contact any of these persons by e-mail.

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