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  D2L Learning Environment FAQ's

1. Logging in, getting help, passwords
2. Courses and students
3. Content
4. Quizzes
5. eMail
6. Gradebook
7. Respondus
8. iPad and mobile/smartphone
9. General D2L questions
10 Broken Links
11. Testing and Quizzes
12. Discussions
13. Films on Demand

1. Logging in, Getting Help and Passwords

How do I log in to D2L?

1. First, get your D2L username and password
2. Go to the GHC web site, click SCORE 
3. Click the  GHC ID Lookup link.
4. Your Network/EMail/D2L/Wi-Fi username and initial password are given.  Note:  Once you change your GHC network password, your D2L password will update to the same password.
5. Go to:

How do GHC staff or admininstrators get access to D2L?

Most users (students and instructors) are enrolled in the D2L database via exports from Banner.
Staff and administrators who are not in a course in Banner (as a student or instructor) must be added to D2L manually.
Contact sgrist if you need to be added manually so you have a D2L username/password.

Why can't I or my students see courses in the "My Courses" widget?

It takes 24-36 hours for a course to appear in D2L after students have registered, or an instructor has been added in to a course in Banner. See also FAQ below.

I don't see any courses in the My Courses widget. Why?

If you have only a few courses, you’ll see them grouped by semester. If you have more than 25 you see a search box.
1. Click on Search leaving the text box empty.
2. A list of all your courses will be provided.
3. Click a course. That course will then appear in the My Courses widget next time.
Once you have enterd a course, it gets added to the listing of the last 10 courses you accessed.

Getting HELP

How can I see what's new in D2L LE?

There is a "New in Learning Environment" course in D2L LE that explains new features. Contact a GHC D2L Admin to be enrolled.

How can I quickly learn to use D2L?

See "Getting Started with D2L for Students" at the GHC web site for a short tutorial. You can also get a very quick overview by viewing the Get Started videos on the My Home page.

Is 24/7 D2L help available online?

Yes.  Online support is available 24/7 for students and faculty.

Is in-person D2L help available for faculty?

Yes. Contact the GHC Instructional Technologist and Instructional Designer for 1-on-1 assistance.

I have entered my username and password several times and now I am locked out. What should I do?

If you have attempted unsuccessfully to login six times you will time out. Try again in about five minutes.

2. Courses and Students

Why does the D2L classlist show students who've dropped or been dropped from a course in Banner?

1. The Banner-to-D2L  process works only to add students who are enrolled in a course in Banner, not to delete students who drop a course or who are dropped for non-payment.
2. Instructors should compare enrollment in Banner with the course Classlist in D2L and unenroll students as appropriate. 

How can I unenroll a student from a Course Offering in D2L?

1. Go to the Course Offering. 
2. Click  "Classlist."
3. Place check in box next to student to unenroll. 
4. Click the "Unenroll" icon (above the classlist: it shows a human image with a red minus sign -see screenshot).
This only unenrolls a student from the course offering you are looking at.

unenroll screenshot


How can I add another instructor to a Course Offering in which I have an instructor role?

With the role as instructor, you can add instructors yourself. Follow these steps:
Select Add Participants on the top tool menu of the Classlist page.

To enroll an existing user
1. Click on Add Participants link on the classlist page. Then select Add existing users.
2. In the Set all roles to drop-down list, select the role that you want the users you are enrolling to have, and click Set all roles.
3. Select the Enrollment email check box if you want to send users an email informing them of their enrollment.
4. Search for the users you want to add.
5. Select the check box beside the users you want to enroll.
6. Select a Role if you want it to be different from the role set for all users
7. Click Enroll Selected Users.
8. Click Done.

 If a student is "unenrolled" from a course offering in D2L, and is reenrolled by the instructor in the same course offering, will the student's data (grade book information, quizzes, discussion postings, etc) be lost?

No. None of the data will be lost. This answer was confirmed the USG D2L Help Center. NONE of the student test scores, discussions etc, will be lost.

How do I base a "Course Offering" on a migrated course or a course I have taught before?

To copy content to a course from a course in a prior semester, you must be the instructor in both COs.
1. Go to the course offering into which you want to import or copy a prior course.
2. Cick Edit Course --> Import, Export, Copy Components --> Copy Components From Another Org Unit -->
3. Choose the class that you want to copy from in the drop down menu -->
4. Then either choose that you want to copy everything or just individual components.
See also the "Copy Course Content" tutorial

Why can't I take a test as "Demo Student"?

If you role-switch to the Demo student role, you cannot take a test (the "Start Quiz" link dowsn't appear).
1. Contact sgrist for the user information for a "dummy" student who you can add to the CO, who will be able to see and take a test.
2. Add the "dummy" student to your classlist,
2. Log out as yourself.
3. Log back in as the fdummy student you added in step 1.
4. Go to the test and cick "Start Test).
5. Remember to delete the dummy student from your Class list.

How can I see if a course offering is active?

Banner-derived Course Offerings can be accessed by students on the first day of the semester .
However, you can set dates for courses not derived from Banner (i.e. courses you request the D2L admins to set up for you manually) . 
1. Go to the course as instructor.
2. Click "Edit Course."
3. Click "Course Offering Information."
4. Look to see if "Active" box is CHECKED
5. You can set Course Start dates and Course End Dates by selecting dates in the boxes.

Can I access D2L with a Mobile Browser?

Yes.  You can access D2L from your mobile devices such as an iPad, iPod/iPhone, Droid and Blackberry. Users can post in discussions, but other than that, the mobile site is read-only.  Download Mobile Access User Guide Instructions (pdf).
From here you can:
  • See global and course-specific news item
  • View course and course content
  • View course events
  • Participate in course discussions
  • Check grades
  • Create bookmarks to quickly access content later

 Are there any iPad apps for D2L?

  • You can use the Desire2Learn Assignment Grader App from your iPad to grade student assignments.

Assignment Grader full version ($9.99) and Assignment Grader Lite (free) are only available for iPad at this time.  Requires iOs 4.0 or later. To get the App go to iTunes and download it to your iPad. 
For instructions on using the App

  • Desire-2-Learn Binder App

Desire2Learn Binder is a smart and engaging application that allows students to wirelessly import course documents and other resources from the Desire2Learn Learning Environment directly onto their tablet device. From there, Binder provides students with a host of clever tools that allow them to read, annotate, manage and organize these course resources anywhere, anytime. It’s a portable personalized and truly immersive way for students to interact with course content.
Download the free D2L Binder App

3. Content 

How can instructors restrict when users can view content?

You can set a module or a topic within a module as "Draft" (not visible) or "Published" (visible).
You can also use the "Add dates and restrictions" option below the "Publish" option.

In "Content" view, in the right panel, go to the Module or topic and set the "Publish/Draft" pulldown option located beneath the module title.  To do this for a topic, open the topic and scroll to the bottom, where you can set the publish status or availability retrictions.

What kind of file types can I upload to D2L?

1. HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML (Web Document)
2. RTF, PPT, PPS, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, WPD (Text Document)
3. JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF (Image)

Why can't I type in an eMail or Discussion post?

This is an Internet Explorer issue. See this solution if you wish to continue with IE.
A better solution is to switch to Firefox safari or Chrome web browser.

Why do some pages not open and content links do not display as expected?

For an explanation with screenshots, see I Cannot See Content (link to Bainbridge College site)

This is a browser, not a D2L issue. Read on.

  • Videos and other embedded media in the Content area are not playing or rendering; accessing this same content from the Links section works
  • Link Content topic does not load
  • Custom widget does not load
  • Embedded YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, etc.. widget does not load
  • Custom Navbar link to an external site does not load
  • The page / content is blank, nothing comes up or is shown


  • Internet browsers are blocking unsecure or mixed content by default; applies to:
    • Firefox 23
    • Internet Explorer 10
    • Chrome 30 (Beta)
    • Other browsers may be implementing this security feature however Safari is currently not blocking mixed content


Instructors/Content Publishers:

    1. When posting linked content, ensure you are only adding secure (https://) URLs. Many websites are updating to secure URLs due to this new browser security restriction. 
    2. If the destination URL does not have an (https://) URL then you might reconsider linking to this content.
    3. If it is necessary, ensure that your students know that they need to enable the ability to view unsecure content (steps for doing this are in the section below).


In your Desire2Learn site, you can choose to allow blocked content to appear in order to view your course items:

Mozilla Firefox

  1. A small icon of a shield will appear on the left side of the address bar if the page you are viewing contains unsecure content.
  2. Click on the shield and click the More Actions arrow.
  3. Select "Disable Protection" on this page.

Google Chrome

  1. A small icon of a shield will appear on the right side of the address bar if the page you are viewing contains unsecure content.
  2. Click on the shield.
  3. Select "Load Unsafe Script." 

Internet Explorer

  1. Popup will appear at the bottom of the page that says "Only secure content is displayed" if the page you are viewing contains unsecure content.
  2. Click "Show all content." 

PDF documents look blurry in D2L, what can I do?

If you are basing a current semester course offering on a migrated course, and the pdf was in the migrated course, large pdfs are compressed in the migration process.
Reload the original pdf to the D2L course.

PDF files are scalable, which means they will appear smaller than normal if the browser window is not maximized, but you can zoom in as much as you want. Students in D2L courses should be sure to open these files in a new window when they're viewing them in Content.

When will Turnitin be set up in D2L?

Turnitin-in-D2L will be set up by the GHC D2L Administrators in the Spring, 2014 (Mid-February).
Implementation was delayed to enable  spring 2014  transition to be completed.

What's the best way to put Powerpoint slideshows in D2L?

There are several independent applications that have been developed to put PowerPoint on the web in a user-friendly manner. One of the better ones isthe free iSpring. Download iSpring.
iSpring takes a PowerPoint presentation and converts it to web-friendly multimedia. It includes audio so it is a good choice for presentations that include narration. It compresses presentations fairly well for multiple bandwidths and retains reasonable quality. You can adjust the size of the output window so it's easier to play in a small window.

How can I link to YouTube or Films-on-Demand in D2L LE?

1. In the course, create a new topic & file in a content module.
2. Click on the Insert Stuff icon at the top right of the WYSIWYG editor.
3. Choose Enter Embed Code from the list on the left.
4. Copy and paste embed code from YouTube or FilmsonDemand into the box and click Insert. There will be nothing in the WYSIWYG editor, but Save anyway. Then go to the Manage Content list and click on the file name to play the video.

TIP: You must use the EMBED CODE not just a URL.

4. Quizzes

Has anyone heard of a student of being able to open a quiz and save their answers, but not submit it? (Nothing happens when they click the submit button?) However, in the tracking- it is showing the student never attempted the quiz? What to do?

Go to Course Offering
Click on quizzes and find the quiz that the student didn't 'take'
Click on Grades tab
You can filter your list to 'Users with an attempt in progress'
There is an icon next to the student's name that will allow the instructor to force the submission


How do I set up a Quiz and Randomize Items?

See Create Quiz and Randomize Answers guide.

I'm confused about Quiz settings in D2L, is there a simple guide?

Yes see this page: Quiz Settings in D2L Can Be Confusing.

How can I set up a quiz so students can see their performance?

Download and look at this step-by-step guide.

While taking a quiz, a student lost internet connection, how can I reset her attempt without giving an additional attempt?

1) Go to: Quizzes/select the grade quiz icon (ruler with green check mark to the right of the quiz in question)
2) Select attempts
3) Do an empty search for attempts in progress
4) Send it to the trashcan

How can I reset a Quiz Attempt?

See How to Reset Quiz Attempt handout.

How do I set Quiz availbility and Duration?

See this one-page explanation at: Setting Quiz Availability and Duration

How can I prepare an existing Word test for D2L?

How to prepare an existing test for D2L

How do I upload a Respondus Test to D2L?

How do I upload a Respondus Test to D2L?

How can I print a quiz?

Use Respondus 4.0  to retrieve a quiz from D2L LE and print it from there.

For instructions, see:

5. eMail

How can I email just the students in a Course Offering?

See EMail Students from the Classlist Tool.

Why can't I get D2L email forwarded to another email account?

Mail forwarding is not available for any USG institution in the USG for D2L.
1. During Fall 2012 semester, email forwarding was turned ON for the 3 institutions that were live with D2L.
2. A student was able to hack this to use the D2L servers as a SPAM BOT. This resulted in a large number of SPAM messages being distributed.
3. If this happened again, the USG server would very rapidly be listed as a source of SPAM.
4. If a server gets identified as a SPAM source, it gets on a list that it is very hard to get off.
5. Thus, for security reasons, the USG IT governing D2L settings at a System level TURNED OFF MAIL FORWARDING.
6. This was NOT done at a local GHC level.

6. The D2L Gradebook 

Can I enter grades in the Gradebook like I do in Excel?

Yes. In Spreadsheet view, you can use the same enter/tab method to enter individual grades. There is no longer a need to put all your grades in an Excel spreadsheet and import the file.

Can I import grades I entered in Excel?

Yes. Be sure to save your Excel grades file as a CSV file, then import the file ito the Gradebook in D2L. But first, be sure to look at both of the following!

1. Read this article about Importing Grades in Excel.

2. Format Grades Spreadsheet.

Can I copy the Gradebook with my settings from one CO to another?

Yes. No students or scores are copied. Just use the Copy/Import/Export process and select only Gradebook (or "everything" if that's what you want). calculated columns are not imported.

Is there a straightforward, step-by-step guide to setting up the Gradebook?

Yes. The Gradebook (pdf) handout guides you through the steps to setting up your gradebook in D2L.

Where can I get detailed information about using the D2L Gradebook Tool?

See  the comprehensive set of information about how to use the D2L Grade Tool for Instructors at the University of Arizona site.
There is an online as well as a "Printer-Friendly version.

I posted Grades in Gradebook but they arent showing up. Why?

See Grades Not Showing Up.

How can I hide a Gradebook column?

See How to Hide Gradebook Column.

7. Can I use Respondus with D2L?

Yes.  You can create and release assessments (i.e. tests) dirctly in D2L, but consider using Respondus, which makes the process more user-friendly..

GHC has a site license for Respondus (Windows only) , which you can download from the Software downloads page in the GHC site. There are a number of useful resources for learning to use Respondus

You can find the new password on our internal Respondus Download page:

How to update Respondus (Ppt file April 2011)

  • The Respondus site provides Quick Start and comprehensive User Guides (be sure to choose the Vista "personality" user Guide.
  • Respondus How-to at Southern Polytechnic State University. Includes "Using Respondus" overview and a "Cheat Sheet for Creating Exams."
  • Respondus How-to's at the University of North Carolina. Included pdfs on importing, formatting, and uploading questions into Vista.
  • When you have downloaded and installed Respondus, you can use the built-in HELP menu.


I am trying to use Respondus to publish my online final exams to D2L but I am having problems connecting to the server.

This sometimes happens.  To fix it, go to the publish wizard, select “add a new server”.

respondus screenshot


Press Next and in the next window select No, manual set up


screenshot 2


Go to the GHC login page and copy and paste the URL into box 2 of the next window.

Select the extract button (box 3), then fill in box 4.


screenshot 3


Then, select OK.

Exit Respondus.

Then, come back in and open your document and publish it using the new credentials.

Note that it may take a few minutes for the Respondus to D2L connection to make.


Is there an alternative to Respondus that wor?ks on the MAC OS?

Yes.  This tool is free and works with the Mac OS as well as Windows>

8. iPad and smart phone

Why can't I read documents and HTML pages using mobile with D2L?

This requires a setting change that affects all GHC D2L users. The D2L Admin Team will work on testing the solution to this issue before implementing it on the D2L server used for courses. Thanks for your patience!
Updated: January 28, 2013). 

NOTE: There are some known bugs associated to reading HTML content on Mobile web but widely speaking users should make sure that they are using supported Mobile OS/browser version and not switching to Desktop view when using Mobile device to avoid some known issues:
iOS 3 (Safari) Supported
iOS 4 (Safari) Supported
Android 1.5 Supported
Android 2.1 Supported
Blackberry 6 Supported

 Is there a way to integrate with our version of D2L?

Yes, Turnitin can be linked to the Dropbox tool.
GHC D2L Admin team will set this up when it has been tested on the D2L test instance.Thanks for your patience.Is there a way for us to allow students to embed user-created videos in discussion posts?

Technically, yes, you can go to Compose in Discussions, click the "Insert Stuff" icon and insert a video, BUT this results in using the D2L server as a video server. Admins have been asked NOT to recommend this approach
Let me see how others are managing this...

9. General Questions

How can i stop my computer beeping at me when I am logged in to D2L?

1. Login to D2L
Access the Preferences tool
From My Home, click the Preferences link in the My Settings widget.
Use the tabs across the top of the page to view and edit different presentation options:
> General Preferences
Preferences on this tab are not related to a specific tool.
> Online Status:  Changes your online status so that you appear offline even when you are logged into the system.

2. You can also change your Pager Preferences to "NO SOUND."

In some versions of D2L, there is a button on the tool bar that links to a "clickable" checklist, allowing students to itemize and click through tasks as they complete them. Any chance our version does this?

Yes, a Checklist tool is available. You can add it to a CO navbar, but to do so, you would need to set up a new navbar for that course -and include the Checklist tool.

Where can I get Step-by-Step instructions for backing up course sections from Vista?

Instructions in how to back up my students' course work in Vista.

What are all those icons un D2L?

Graphic D2L Icon Guide (pdf)

I keep getting "Broken Links" listed, what does this mean what should I do?

Sometimes links to files or other areas in D2L that have been created in the Content Area get broken. Instead of a connection to a file or an intended action, selecting the Content Area link generates an error or, sometimes, nothing at all. Some common reasons a broken link can occur include: when a linked file has been renamed, removed, moved to different location in the course file structure or when a quicklink targets a resource that has been renamed or doesn't exist in the course offering anymore.

Read this online How-to at Montana State University at Bozeman:

 How to Fix a Broken Link in the Content Area.

11. Testing and Quizzes

Is there a list of FAQ's about taking quizzes in D2L that answer student's questions?

Yes. See the PDF document entitled "Quizzes in Desire-2-Learn -Student FAQ's and Reminders."

What are Some of the Issues related to Quiz Time Limit Enforcement?

See this document that answers some questions regarding time limits set in quizzes and their enforcement.

A student did not submit a quiz, can an instructor view the attempt and force submission?

When a student takes an online quiz but fails to submit it before the quiz time expires, the D2L system shows no submission or grade. The student's quiz becomes an "attempt in progress."

Instructors can search for "attempt in progress" quiz results and then submit the attempt for a user. Follow these guidelines for managing this issue.

Why did D2L log my student out during a quiz, and they lost all their answers?

D2L has an idle timeout of 60 minutes. D2L will automatically log out a person who has been inactive for 60 minutes. The inactivity is determined by the server. We have found that, when taking a quiz, the server does not recognize selecting radio buttons beside answers or typing in an editor in a fill-in-the-blank or essay quiz as activity.

The server will recognize selecting the Save button by each question or the Save All Responses button at the bottom of a page in the quiz. We recommend that students select theSave button after answering each question or the Save All Responses button after answersing a series of questions, so the server is aware of activity for that quiz. The Quiz Info box on the left side of the page will display to students which questions in the quiz have been saved.  To help students understand that they are about to be timed out, a series of warning messages will be displayed.

When the student has been inactive for 50 minutes, the message below will be displayed.


In this case, selecting the OK button will allow the student to remain logged in.  If this message is ignored and the OK button is not selected within 10 minutes, then the session will expire, and the student will receive the 60 minute warning message, which is displayed below.


They will need to click the OK button and either:

  • Open a new browser tab/window and log back in before proceeding
  • Copy and paste any unsaved work into another application (such as Notepad) before proceeding


Is there any way to have a more global view—in other words, to see messages and replies at the same time without having to look at individual messages?

A. Users should look at the Discussion Tool settings options in HELP.
Log on to D2L.
On the user's  "My Home" page (not from any other page) click HELP.
The About Learning Environment screen appears.
Click "Discussions."
Under Discussions Help Topics > Learning click "Discussion Settings."
Examine the Personal and Grid View Options for precise control of how the user can modify Discussion settings.

Films on Demand

How can I get Films on Demand into Learning Environment?

1. Log in to D2L and open your course. Navigate to Content.
2. Open a new browser window and navigate to On Demand (you may need to log in if you are off campus).
3. In On Demand:
  • Search for the title or segment you'd like to link to.
  • Select the title/segment you wish to link to from the results list (or from your playlist).
  • Scroll down below the video clip to the box labeled Title/Segment URL.
  • Copy this entire Title/Segment URL. Do not use the URL from your browser window at the top of the screen.
4. Go back to D2L. Select the New Topic icon next to the module you wish to put the link into, or the New Topic link from the toolbar. If you do not already have a module, you will need to create one.
5. Select Create New File. You may need to select the module name from the drop-down box.
6. In the Title box, give the video whatever name you would like it to have. In the HTML editor, choose the Advanced tab.
7. Click on Insert Link on the bar located on the left-hand side of the display box.
8. In the URL box, paste the previously copied link. The link will appear in the box.
9. Click on the Next button in the lower right corner. Enter a title in the box on the next screen if you did not already. Click the Insert button.
10. Back in the Create New Topic screen, click the Save button. The link can be tested by going to the Manage Content screen and click on the new link.

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