Georgia Highlands College

Honors Program Objectives

The Honors Program will achieve the goal set forth in the mission statement by pursuing seven distinct but interrelated objectives:

  • to expand the context of studentsí education through inter-disciplinary instruction which will expose students to a variety of pedagogy
  • to promote an environment of challenging seminars, research and travel opportunities as well as local cultural events to promote breadth, diversity, and depth throughout the studentís academic career
  • to develop independent and critical thinking through discussion, assignments both written and oral, and opportunities for community service
  • to broaden the programís reach by encouraging all students to strive to participate in honors courses
  • to promote graduation and retention rates by developing a cohort of students who study, learn, and socialize together in a unique learning environment.
  • to establish transfer articulation agreements with senior institutions in an effort to encourage students to pursue education beyond a two-year degree and to foster a smoother transition into these programs
  • to recruit and retain excellent faculty members†

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