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How many times have you said, “I studied really hard for that test, but when the test began and I looked at the first question, my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember anything I studied?”  Frustrating isn’t it?  When this sort of scenario happens again and again most students become convinced they have a “bad” memory.  In actuality most of us do not have memory problems.  The problem is we don’t understand how our memory works and how to improve it.  The process of learning involves taking in new information and storing it in your memory so that you can retrieve it later when it is needed. 

The use of efficient memory techniques is an important component of college and our everyday lives.  It may seem odd considering the subject of this module is "memory", however, it is important to remember college is more about the application of knowldege rather than memorization.  If you merely memorize information without the ability to apply it you haven't really learned it.  When you store the information in a way that allows you to apply it to situations or everyday life it then has meaning.  Giving the information meaning strengthens the neural connections that are a part of that memory.



Understanding how memory works and utilizing effective memory techniques can help you feel better prepared and more confident as a student.  The goal of this module is to provide you with an understanding of how we process memory and techniques that will help you to use your memory effectively.

Upon completion of the memory module you will be able to:

  • Understand the memory process
  • Use effective methods for improving memory





OK, let’s get started.  One way to improve your memory skills is to play memory games.  Click on the link below to play a very well-known game, pairs matching.  Test your memory skills.




Now that you’ve tested your memory let’s explore how memory works.  Click on the link below to watch a short video on the process of memory.



There are a number of tricks and techniques to help improve memory.  Before you take a look at these take a moment and consider what techniques you are currently using.  Write these techniques down on a separate sheet of paper.  After you review the techniques compare them to what you currently use.  You may be surprised.



When you click on the picture below you will enter a site with exercises on memory and concentration.  There you will see "next page" on the right hand side, just click to get started.




Build and Post Your Plan:

Memory and study habits are directly correlated to one another.  Completing the assignment below will provide you with better insight into your own study habits and possibly how to change/improve them.  Be sure to answer the questions both honestly and thoroughly. As with your other skillshops, you're going to be posting your response to eFolioWorld.

Step 1: Access Your eFolioWorld Account @

Step 2: Create a New Content-Basic and call it "Memory"

Step 3: In the Basic Content box, follow the directions below and briefly answer these questions:

  • Click on the following link and read "Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits” by Benedict Carey.
  •  In one typed paragraph, identify and briefly describe the study techniques recommended by this article.
  • In one or two paragraphs discuss whether, and if so how, you use the study techniques outlined in the article.
  • In one or two typed paragraphs discuss what changes, if any, you are going to make to your study techniques.

Step 4: Drag and drop your "MEMORY" Basic Content onto your GROWTH page.


Just For Fun...

For final fun activity use your newly acquired knowledge on memory to test your eyewitness skills.  Click on the picture  to watch a short video of a dramatized crime and see if you can answer the questions about what you saw. This is NOT part of your grade and you don't have to answer any questions here - this is just for fun!






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