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   Michelle AbbottDecorative Image of Quill Pen

       Associate Professor of English

            Current Schedule    


Office Hours: 


I am available by cell phone from 9am to 9pm most days, including weekends. I accept calls and texts. I also meet with students via Collaborate video chat for individual and small group meetings.

Online Courses:

ENGL 1102/W1(80750)                 

ENGL 1101/W5(80754)                     

ENGL 2122/W1 (80763)       

ENGL 1102/W4 (80773) 

GHHU 2901/W1 (80788)

ENGL 1101/W7 (80802)

ENGL 1101/F12 (81161) 

ENGL 1102/W8 (81180) 

ENGL 2122/W2 (81181)




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