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TI - 84 calculatorMath2200 Help with the TI-83 or TI-84 and Other Concept

The following are a set of PDF files on a variety of topic and their associated TI-83 or TI-84 skills.

The Basics

  1. How to Enter Data IntoYourTI83orTI84.pdf
  2. How to clearalist. pdf
  3. How to Construct  a Histogram.pdf
  4. Stem_leaf_and_bar graph

  5. How to calculate weighted mean_& stDev.pdf

  6. Calculate Mean & standard dev. usingTI83 or_84.pdf
  7. How to calculate weighted means &_stDev.pdf
  8. Boxplot_on_TI83_84.pdf
  9. Chebyshev and Empirical Rule Interpret Data.pdf
  10. Z-scoresandpercentiles.pdf

Descriptive Statistics

  1. Probability BasicsI.pdf
  2. Counting.pdf
  3. Binomial Distribution General.pdf
  4. Binomial Distribution Mean& StDev.pdf
  5. Normal Distribution Applications.pdf
  6. Central Limit Thm Applications.pdf

Inferential Statistics

  1. Hypothesis Tests Basics.pdf
  2. Hypothesis Test of Mean  large sample.pdf
  3. Hypothesis Test Mean smallsamples.pdf
  4. HypothesisTestofProportion.pdf
  5. LinearCorrelationandRegression.pdf

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