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Your eLearning Course: What to expect

4. Proctored tests count !

In most eLearning online and DVD classes, there will be two times when you will take a proctored test (usually the midterm and the final). The amount these count vary by the course and the instructor, but they tend to count a significant amount.. In other words, you need to take these seriously because you can't afford to do poorly on them. Plan to start studying several days in advance. Also, at least two weeks before the first date the test is offered, you'll need to sign up to take these tests at proctoring locations. You can take them at any of the Georgia Highlands College testing Centers, or you can get an out of state site approved.  Note, students who get approved to test off site are responsible for the fee for each test.  

exam book and pencil

Students in online (Web) and DVD classes will use the automated sign-up facility to schedule midterm and final exam testing.  Those taking a hybrid class will typically take exams during one of the class meetings.

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