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Refunds begin procession once Financial Aid disburses (pays) account balances for tuition, fees, and bookstore purchases.
Refunds are processed within 
14 days of the disbursement date scheduled as follows:

Fall 2017: Monday, September 4th

  • If you have a credit balance with no schedule adjustments, your refund will be processed by Friday, September 15th.
  • If you are a first-time loan recipient, your refund will be processed by Friday, September 29th.
  • If you are enrolled in a class which has not yet begun, a portion of your aid may remain memoed until attendance is verified for those classes. This portion of your aid cannot be disbursed and/or refunded until verification is completed.

Business Office
This office is responsible for all Fiscal Operations of the College. The Business Office has offices on five of Georgia Highlands College’s campuses; locations and contact information is listed below. If you have questions or concerns regarding your student account, please feel free to contact us at 706-802-5000 or utilize the institutions ticketing system .

The Business Office is a department under the Vice President of Finance and Administration. The Business Office is responsible for the primary management of the student financial account which includes cashiering, billing and collections, student aid refunds, and reporting financial information. In addition, we process all departmental transactions such as deposits and petty cash reimbursements. Our primary focus is CUSTOMER SERVICE and FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

The mission of the Business Office is to support the college by providing professional and quality services to the students, faculty, staff, parents and the campus community.  We will provide accurate financial information on a timely basis, while ensuring all services are in compliance with Georgia Highlands College policies, Board of Regents policies and procedures along with all state and federal regulatory requirements.

Eligible Financial Aid purchases in the GHC Bookstore can be made during the following dates:

Spring 2018: TBA

Please Note:
Tuition and fee payments can be made at any campus location with cash, check, or money order. Credit and debit card purchases can be made online through the student's SCORE account and are subject to a 2.75% processing fee. Electronic checks are also accepted online and do not assess a processing fee. 



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Entrance Lobby
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8:00am - 5:30pm


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