Georgia Highlands College

Please read the information below before coming to test

FEE.  GHC charges a flat $20 non-refundable testing fee for the Compass Placement Test.  The $20 fee must be paid at business office or instructional site office  before the student checks in at the Assessment Center. Those testing should arrive early enough to make payment at the business office before it closes for the day. 

CHECK IN AT TESTING ROOM. Students should check in at the testing room  30 minutes before test is scheduled to begin.  At check in students must provide a valid picture ID and a receipt showing payment of the $20 placement test fee

PARTS OF TEST.  Students can check admissions status online and see which part(s) of placement test, if any, are needed. 

WHAT TO BRING ON TESTING DAY.  Students should bring a picture ID and the $20 testing fee.  Students may bring an approved calculator for math portion of test.  There is a built in calculator on the test and the testing centers have non-graphing calculators  for students to use during test. 

TEST OVERVIEW & PREPARATION.  Students are urged to brush up on skills and practice before taking the Compass Placement Test.  See the GHC Tutorial Center's COMPASS Test Preparation web page for more information. 

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