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Mission and Goals of Testing Services Unit

The Testing Services unit was created in July, 2013.  Testing Services is an outgrowth of the former Assessment/Testing Centers.  This new stand alone unit reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  The new unit  has a director, two assistant directors, and a number of test administrators and test proctors. 

Three subunits of the Department of Testing Services are available at Georgia Highlands College, covering the following instructional sites:

  • Cartersville
  • Floyd and Douglasville
  • Marietta and Paulding


The Testing Centers in Testing Services schedule and proctor major institutional tests for GHC.  The types of tests provided support the various academic goals of the college.  For instance, the COMPASS placement and exit tests advance the goal of providing learning support programs and insuring that all students have the opportunity to be adequately prepared for college-level work. The Testing Centers provide the SAT On-Campus test primarily for students who wish to enter GHC's Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs, supporting career programs that complement community needs.  By providing proctoring services for GHC's eLearning classes that validate student identities and promote test security across sites, Testing Services contributes to the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool. 


The goals of the Testing Services unit are related to the following institutional goal(s) of GHC:

  • Effect quality teaching and learning focused on academic achievement and personal and professional growth.

Testing Services will

1.  Schedule and provide the following types of test each term

  • COMPASS Placement Tests
    • These tests are required for all entering students who are College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) deficient in English or Math and students who have no SAT or ACT scores or ones below the criteria for exempting the tests. Scores on COMPASS Placement Tests determine whether a student will need to take Learning Support (developmental) courses in English, Math, or Reading before proceeding to credit-level work.
  •  COMPASS Exit Tests     (All Exit exams may be discontinued after Spring, 2014)
    • These are the exit tests for exit-level Learning Support courses (ENGL 0099, MATH 0099, READ 0099)
  • Retests for both COMPASS Placement Tests and COMPASS Exit Tests
    • All students are allowed two tries at COMPASS Placement Tests (unless the first test is so close to the start of classes that a re-test session cannot be scheduled) and two tries at COMPASS Exit Test.
  • Mid-term and final exams for GHC's eLearning courses at the instructor's option
  • SAT On-Campus Tests (opens PDF file)
  • Tests for the Independent Study System in the University System of Georgia if resources permit

2. Provide test services at all GHC sites

3. Test students in a timely manner

4. Inform students of test outcomes as quickly as possible and meet the needs of other GHC divisions for score information

Evaluation of Goals for the Department of Testing Services

Information about the assessment of these goals can be found here.

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