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Assessment Center FAQs

How do I sign up for testing?

Compass Placement test -- go online to see schedule and register  at

Independent Study or On-Campus SAT (ISAT) --  contact the coordinator at the campus where you wish to test. 

E-learning (web/dvd courses) -- if your instructor has told you to test at the Assessment Center, you should register for one of the test sessions on SCORE, click  Student Services, click on Registration, Enroll for Online Testing, select the session you want, key in your information.    If you need to change your test session registration, you should delete the old information first, then register into the new session.

Learning Support Exit exam -- the instructor will notify the student of eligibility to sit for the exam.  The instructor will announce the date, time and location for exit testing.  The schedule will be posted to the web shortly after the last day to withdraw from classes (midterm).

Compass Placement test for another institution -- student must provide an approval letter from home institution permitting student to test at GHC and telling us which part(s) of test student should take.   We will test non-GHC students if space is available.  Students requesting placement score be sent to another institution should provide us with a stamped envelope addressed to that institution.

What should I bring when I come to test?

To check in at testing room for any of our exams you must have--

•a valid picture ID and a paid receipt if taking Compass placement test, Independent Study exam or On-Campus SAT (ISAT).

(There is no charge for Compass Placement Retest, Learning Support Exit exams, or mid-term/finals for web/dvd courses.)

In addition to a picture ID & payment receipts (if fee is charged), other things to bring with you are:

Placement test - print a copy of your online test registration confirmation and bring it with you to the testing session.

If you are taking the math portion of the placement exam you may bring a calculator (see ACT web site for approved types).  You may not use a calculator that needs to be plugged in, prints a paper tape, has a QWERTY keyboard, or is a TI-89 or above.  Graphing calculators below TI-89 are permitted.  The assessment center has relatively simple calculators you can borrow for the test.

Exit Exam - your name must be on our roster of eligible students.  Your instructor notifies us of those eligible to sit for the exit exam.  Those taking the 099 Math exit exam may bring a calculator.  We will provide scratch paper and pencils.  Do not bring notebooks, papers, food, drinks, etc. to the testing room. 

Independent Study Exams - The USG IS office sends you a testing confirmation letter that shows items allowed during test.  A copy of that letter is sent to the testing center as well. 

The Check Admissions Status page shows I need testing, but I think I should be exempt.  What should I do?

You should contact the admission office to see if they have received, evaluated and documented all of your transcripts and your SAT/ACT scores. 

It might be that some of your official paperwork had not been received at the time the testing requirement decision was made.  This is especially true for Spring admits of high school students.  Those currently in high school who have been admitted to GHC for fall may wait  until after official transcripts have been received before taking the placement exam.  In this case, you will need to ask admissions or the academic support office if your testing requirements have changed.  The admissions office determines testing requirements based not only on your SAT/ACT scores but also the number of CPC units successfully completed while in high school and your high school GPA.

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