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Frequently Asked Questions about Advising

Do I need an Advisor?

Yes. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor before registering for courses. At GHC, advisors are beneficial to a student's academic develpoment and success. Our team of advisors are available to assist all enrolled students with their academic objectives by creating realistic educational plans directly related to a student's goals. Addtionally, advisors possess a wealth of knowledge to help students solve academic issues and remain informed on recent academic changes and requirements.

Who is my Advisor?

There is a Professional Advisor†available on all GHC instructional sites and campus. †

Students with an established program pathway, may contact the division's advising specialist assocated with this†pathway. The Advising Specialist will assist in finding a Faculty Advisor who specilaizes in this area of study.† Here is a list of the Advising Specialists.†

Many faculty members conduct in-class advising, where information relating to the core curriculum, program pathway requirements and other pertinent topics are discussed. †In addition, every semester all GHC students are encouragedr to participate in the Early Bird Advising†process. EBA focuses on long-term academic planning to ensure student success.

What if I can't come to campus for advisement?† What are my options?

Students have a variety of ways to receive advising help:

Where can I get more information about colleges in the University System of Georgia?

How can I change my program pathway?

Students who wish to change their program pathway must file a Petition to Change Pathway form with the Office of the Registrar. Click here to access the online form.

Paper forms are also available at GHC admssions offices or customer service front desk.

Can I register for credit-level courses even if I am still taking Learning Support courses?

Yes, provided you will have completed any courses that are prerequisites for the credit-level course that you wish to take.

What happens if I make below a 2.0 GPA?† Am I on probation?

Your academic standing is a result of both your GPA and attempted credit hours. †Click†here†for more information on academic progress and standings.

Do I have to take the Regents' Test?

Under the exemption granted to GHC by the Georgia Board of Regents in Spring 2010, if you are a current student, you may complete the Regentsí Test requirement at Georgia Highlands College by completing ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 with us, with grades of C or better in each class. †If you are a current student and you transferred in ENGL 1101 and 1102 with grades of C or better in each class, you have met the Regentsí Test requirement.

If you are a former student, not enrolled since Spring 2010, and wish to get the exemption, look here for information.

How many enrolled hours are considered a full-time load?

Twelve enrolled hours constitute full-time student status and 15 or more hours is considered a full-time course load. Learning Support courses are included when assessing a student's course load,but are not counted in GPA calculations and are not transferrable hours. Taking fewer than twelve hours in a term may result in:

  • Compromising a student's eligibility to be included on a parent's insurance policy

  • Affecting a student's level of financial aid

Both consequences are serious and students should consider them carefully and consult with parents and the Financial Aid office as appropriate. You can reach the Financial Aid office by e-mail at

How do I know what courses I need to take for my program?

Program Maps†outline the required courses for each transfer, career and bachelor program. These maps show how a student can complete a specicfic program or pathway in two years.† These maps do not include learning support courses or a summer schedule.† Students should use their program map in conjunction with the Two-Year Course Schedule to determine when they should take required courses. Students should also consult with an advisor for individualized academic planning.

How do I know when my program courses will be offered?

GHC offers a Two-Year Course Schedule to aid student and faculty planning. Course descriptions and prerequisites are listed in the GHC Catalog. Students should view their program under Program Maps and coordinate required courses with those offered each term.† GHC Advisors are happy to help you plan your course of study.

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