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They say it's a job finding a job.  Well, it's a journey finding a career.

Start your exciting journey today!

How to figure out your major or career??

Read about it:  books, magazines, articles, career guides - research, research, research…

Talk through it - counselors, advisors, professors

Surf it – the Web has a wealth of free career information

Try it out – do an Internship or Volunteer

Check it out - GHC's Student Support Career page

Take the Class - FCST 1020 - plan your career and earn college credit!

Think about what you want to Become...

The more you read, the more you KNOW!

*Industry-specific Websites such as Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant,  Human Services , and 

General Jobs available in Georgia!

Prior Military?  Check out the Military Job to Civilian Job Translator.

*Check out this job site: 

Take the Challenge - Click below to do the Career Skillshop

Want more information and tools for your career planning? 

See a GHC advisor or counselor or e-mail

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