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Admissions - Transient Students

A transient student is a student who is “currently” enrolled at another college and desires to enroll at GHC for one semester in order to take courses that will transfer back to their current institution. Students admitted as a transient student are limited to enrollment for one semester and must reapply for admissions if they desire to enroll for another term. Transient students are unable to receive financial aid directly from GHC and must work with their current institutions financial aid office to determine what aid may be available as a transient student.

Admissions Requirements

  • Permission from your current institution to be a transient student


Steps to Enrollment:

Step 1 Complete an admissions application and pay the $30 application fee
Step 2 Have your current institutions Office of the Registrar send a Transient permission letter
Step 3 Have your health care provider complete the GHC Certificate of Immunization Form
Step 4 Contact your financial aid office and request a financial aid consortium letter if seeking financial aid
Step 5 Applicants who seek to be classified as in-state for tuition purposes, will be required to provide validation of residency and lawful presence in both the State of Georgia and the United States.


Admission Forms

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