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Good reading and writing skills are essential for academic and professional success. English is one of the top majors for pre-law students and future educators. An English degree can also lead to a career in editing, copywriting, technical writing, public relations, and more. Georgia Highlands College offers English courses in composition, creative writing, and literature.

Composition I (ENGL 1101) and Composition II (ENGL 1102) offer students the opportunity to improve their English grammar, hone research and essay writing skills,  and  begin an exploration of literature and literary analysis. These courses are part of Area A of the Core Curriculum.  Literature courses, including World Literature I & II, British Literature I & II, American Literature I & II, and African-American Literature, expose students to a variety of cultures and ideas via the written word. They facilitate both creative and critical thinking and reinforce writing skills acquired in Composition I & II.  Any of these courses can be used to satisfy the  Area C  literature survey requirement.

For students interested in creative writing, Creative Writing I &II can be used as a Humanities electives or to fulfill area F requirements in several majors. Students may also submit their work for possible publication in GHC’s literary magazine, Old Red Kimono. The ORK features writings and artwork of GHC students and sponsors the annual "I Love GHC" photography contest.

English Faculty:

NamePrimary CampusOfficePhoneEmail
Abigail Greenbaum Douglasville  134  678-872-4217 
Cynthia Davidson Cartersville  185  678-872-8027 
Carla Patterson Floyd  F-162  706-368-7625 
Cindy Wheeler Floyd  F-166  706-295-6307 
Frank Minor Floyd  F-169  706-368-7634 
Jesse Bishop Floyd  F163  706-368-7776 
Jeffrey Kozee Cartersville  215  678-872-8079 
John Kwist Paulding  409  678-946-1033 
Jessica Lindberg Cartersville  186  678-872-8116 
Jacob Sullins Cartersville  N228  678-872-8532 
Julie Kozee Paulding  312  706-368-7639 
Kristie Kemper Floyd  F-136  706-368-7626 
Leslie Johnston Cartersville  213  678-872-8051 
Michelle Abbott Paulding  web  404-545-8676 
Nancy Applegate Floyd  F-170  706-368-7702 
Patricia Burgey Douglasville    706-368-7639 
Rick Bombard Marietta  230  678-872-8537 
Rachel Wall Cartersville  220B  678-872-8474 

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