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PostingAdvertisement Policy

Posting/Advertisement Policy

The following guidelines were developed to assist organizations and individuals posting flyers, banners and other types of materials on the Georgia Highlands College campuses. In order to ensure your items are posted in the correct location, please adhere to the information listed below. Items found in the wrong locations will be removed and destroyed.

All signs, flyers and other paper announcements not produced and identified by a college department or division must be submitted to the campus student life coordinator to be approved and stamped prior to posting. All unstamped materials will be removed and destroyed. Have the template or original copy stamped prior to making copies.

There are a number of bulletin boards placed around each campus that may be used for posting signs and notices pertaining to club/organization news, please see the OSL for a list of acceptable public bulletin boards for posting.

Each club is responsible for the posting and the removal of its signs. Organizations are required to have signs removed within 24 hours after an advertised event. Please be certain to assign the removal of outdated notices!

Organizations and individuals should note that some area bulletin boards are for the specific use of a particular department, division, or organization. Please respect this and place flyers and posters only on those for public or your organization’s use.

Georgia Highlands College Handbook Calendar 171

NO postings are permitted on glass entrance and exit doors or windows. NO postings are permitted in any manner (tape or tack) on interior sheet-rock walls on any campus location.

Special permission must be granted by the OSL to hang posters on in bathrooms.

All postings must be hung on brick walls using masking tape. Please do not use scotch tape, duct tape or other tapes. Doing so damages the surfaces and will result in the group no longer being allowed to post signs.

Do not staple, tape, or post items on trees, light poles, telephone poles, trashcans, benches or exterior walls of buildings.

All groups are also eligible to have their events included in the Campus Life Calendar, on the bi-weekly Flush Flash, on the MTV-U Network monitors and on the GHC electronic bulletin board monitors. Details must be submitted to the OSL at least two weeks before the event for inclusion on these advertisement media. Please see the campus student life coordinator for more information on these methods.

Page last updated: November 26, 2011