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Policy and Procedure Manual Section 3 III

Determination of Salaries for New Faculty

Starting salaries for new faculty are based on educational preparation, teaching experience, other related work experience, and discipline. Minimum salaries are established for each discipline based on data from other two-year schools, availability of faculty in each academic discipline, salaries of faculty currently employed at Georgia Highlands College, and funds available for faculty salaries in each academic year. The Vice President for Academic Affairs reviews salary guidelines on a yearly basis prior to the beginning of the hiring process.

After a minimum salary is determined for each discipline, a supplement is added for those faculty who hold a doctoral degree. An additional supplement is added for each year of full-time college teaching experience and a smaller supplement for each year of high school experience or related work experience. These supplements vary based on available funds each year, with consideration given to keeping new salaries in equity with existing salaries.

Salary recommendations are made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and reviewed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Director of Human Resources.


Approved by Cabinet: June 3, 2002

Page last updated: September 4, 2013