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Policy and Procedure Manual Section 2 I


The possession, consumption, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages on the Georgia Highlands College campus is prohibited except for external organizations or personswith express written permission from the President of Georgia Highland College or President’s designee.

College facilities, where alcohol may not be served are the Pavilion and the Gazebo.

The following describes the special conditions under which the serving of alcoholic beverages is permitted.  To assure compliance, the special conditions permitting the serving of alcoholic beverages are contained in the “Alcoholic Beverage Service Agreement” between Georgia Highlands College and the external organization or persons permitted to serve alcoholic beverages.


On a limited basis, with Presidential approval, Georgia Highlands College permits the serving of alcoholic beverages.  Extraordinary efforts must be made to protect the safety and well being of clientele, guests, students, faculty, and staff.

Alcoholic beverages may be served in accordance with the signed agreement hereinafter described as the Alcoholic Beverage Service Agreement (Exhibit “A”).

Alcoholic beverages supplied by the client may be served when the following criteria are met.

1.                  All alcoholic beverages must be furnished by the event representative.

2.                  No alcoholic beverage will be permitted at events directed towards underage participants.

3.                  No sale or form of exchange for alcoholic beverages is permitted.

4.                  Self-service is not permitted; the client or user group will be required to use a bartender(s) approved and recommended by Georgia Highlands College.  The bartender(s) is responsible for dispensing alcoholic beverages and disposing of original containers.  Alcoholic beverages must not be served in their original containers.

5.                  Printed materials, including invitations, may not include references to alcoholic beverages.

6.                  Proof of legal age must be presented upon request.

7.                  No alcoholic beverages should be given to any person who is in an obvious state of intoxication.

8.                  Continuous service of alcoholic beverages to a single user group may not exceed a period of one hourexcept when served with food.  Service and consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to the area specified in the agreement.

9.                  An alternate, non-alcoholic beverage must be available and apparent.

10.              Alcoholic beverages must not be served to designated employees of Georgia Highlands College, caterers, bartenders, or private security.

11.              The client must be present at the event.

12.              One, off-duty, uniformed, POST certified police officers must be present at events with 100 people in attendance.  For each additional 100 people one additional uniformed, POST certified police officer may be required to be present during the event.  The POST certified police officers, if required, will be obtained by Georgia Highlands College’s Office of Campus Safety at a rate of $25 per hour, per officer at the expense of the client.  Officers are to remain on paid duty until the client indicates that all attendees have left.  The client is responsible for paying the officers before leaving. 

First Reading:  February 6, 2006

Second Reading:  April 3, 2006

Policy approved by the President’s Cabinet

Page last updated: March 9, 2010