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The purpose of this plan is to meet possible civil disturbances or displacement resulting from civil disorders of the following nature:

1.Tornadoes, floods, and/or crippling snows.

2.Fires or industrial accidents affecting substantial numbers of the local or area population.

The responsibilities of Georgia Highlands College in overcoming the above disasters are to protect unit personnel and property and to assist the local area as possible, when requested by the State Disaster Coordinator.  The first part of the responsibility of Georgia Highlands College, in event of disaster, would begin with the overall effort to secure all personnel and property of the unit.  This would be done through meetings and follow-through for the safety of students and personnel while remaining at the College.  Measures to be included in event of emergency are:

1.  Shelter  

5.  Communication

2.  Food Service

6.  Administration

3.  First Aid 

7.  Field Hospital

4.  Transportation 

8.  Security

In event of disaster where people could be temporarily sheltered on campus, the facilities could serve approximately 1,000 people.  The dining area, which is now utilized, should serve the above people for a short period with the amount of food kept in inventory.

Only designate personnel should attempt to provide aid to others.  Personnel working in first aid are to report serious injury to the Floyd Medical Center (295-5500) for emergency transport to the hospital for care.

Page last updated: March 12, 2010