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Policies and Procedures for Contract Interpreters and Captionists



It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide Student Support Services a copy of current credentials to be kept on file.  These may be copies of certification(s), GRID/RID membership card, degree(s), and letters from an employer regarding years of experience.


Once an interpreter or captionist successfully achieves a higher level of certification they should provide Student Support Services a copy of the documentation verifying the level. If any additional pay should be awarded, the increase will not begin until the next contractual period.


All interpreters employed by the Student Support Services are strongly encouraged to join and be active with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) at the national, state, and local levels. All interpreters are expected to stay current in the field and strive for professional development.


Interpreters are encouraged to actively pursue Georgia QA/ National RID certification and to participate in the Certification Maintenance Program.



Class schedules are made by the Disability Service Provider (DSP) on the represented campus.  Independent contractors will be notified via email their proposed and confirmed schedules.  Once the interpreter or captionist accepts classes for the semester, it is expected the contractor will maintain that schedule of classes throughout the semester.  Student Support Services reserves the right to remove a contractor from a given schedule if excessive substitutions are requested by the contractor.  In this event, the cancellation policy cannot be applied.


Student Support Services staff make every effort to match the contractor’s skill level and preferences with the appropriate students, instructors, and classes.  Any scheduling conflicts, questions, and/or concerns should be reported immediately to the Disability Support Provider.


Student Support Services staff will answer any questions you may have.  Your schedule will tell you the time, place, and type of class to which you are assigned.  Once the semester begins, the interpreter or captionist should report any schedule or location changes to Student Support Services.


Interpreters are encouraged to arrive to each assignment five to ten minutes before it begins.  However, Student Support Services understands this will not always be possible with consecutive assignments.  This time allows for interpreters to examine handouts or prepare with the instructor for class.  Students may wish to meet prior to class with their instructors with an interpreter present.


Absence from or being late to class without notifying the office in advance will not be tolerated.  If you are sick, give as much notice as possible.  Otherwise, one week notice is required to schedule a substitute.


Contract interpreters are not automatically scheduled to interpret for final exams.    Finals are scheduled as separate events.


Interpreters are expected to honor their professional commitments to Student Support Services by attending all assignments for which they have contracted.


Student Support Services has no control over students adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes.  Scheduled hours for a contracted interpreter/captionist could change at any time.  If a staff interpreter is available, staff interpreters will occasionally be required to replace contractors.  These replacements will in no way reflect negatively on the contractors. 


If a student drops a class:

  • One week or less before the class was to begin, AND the interpreting/captioning assignment had been confirmed via email from Student Support Services, the contractor may bill for one week of class time only.  This excludes travel time. 
  • During the semester, the contractor may bill for one week of class time only.  This excludes travel time.  The week would begin on the student’s last day in class.
  • Student Support Services reserves the right to reassign the contractor for the scheduled class time during that week.  The contractor must contact Student Support Services to determine if they have been reassigned before making alternate plans for that week’s class period(s). 
  • In the event a student must drop a class or their entire schedule, the assigned interpreter will also lose that assignment and will not continue to receive pay past the date the class was dropped. Every effort will be made to re-assign that interpreter to another class or equal hours by the Disability Support Provider.


Only assignments scheduled through Student Support Services will be paid.  A student may ask a contractor if s/he is available, but the contractor must be given the assignment through Student Support Services.  Student Support Services maintains the right to move contractors within their scheduled time. 


Contractors are to report any changes made during the semester, such as class time, buildings, room numbers, etc., to the Disability Support Provider.  This is especially critical when a substitute interpreter/captionist is utilized.


Contractors should not accept outside assignments that would force them to be tardy or leave class early, nor should they accept a Georgia Highlands College assignment if they know they cannot fulfill the assignment time.  Contractors can be terminated immediately for leaving assignments early without permission from the Disability Support Provider.  



Contractors (interpreters and captionists) are expected to know and adhere to the RID Code of Professional Conduct. Additionally contractors are also expected to follow FERPA regulations and will be required to undergo FERPA training online.


Dress Code
Contractors should dress in a manner that is professional and appropriate.  An interpreter should wear clothes that comfortably contrast skin color and are not distracting to the student.  It is recommended that contract interpreters not wear white, red, or other vibrant colors that can cause eye strain. Jewelry is to be worn with discretion to avoid distraction.  Captionists should also dress in an appropriate and professional manner.



Student Support Services is responsible for making arrangements for substitutes.  Contractors are not permitted to privately subcontract to another contractor.  If a contractor needs a substitute, he or she should contact Student Support Services. (See contact information below.) 


If, because of a last-minute emergency, the contractor will not be able to make it to class, he or she should contact SSS as directed below.


Contact information:


Cartersville campus


Floyd and Douglasville campuses


Marietta and Paulding campuses



Primary Contractor

For course interpreting, exams, practice exams, essay writing, and finals that utilize most or all of the class period, only one contractor needs to be present and only one can be paid. Contractors are to serve at all times as the primary contractor for the assignment.  Continuity is assured when all contractors remain present and actively involved, thereby maintaining awareness of the context and content of the information being transmitted. Contractors are expected to stay until the end of the designated time.  Any arrangements to the contrary should be discussed in advance with the DSP. Occasionally, an assignment may lend itself to requiring more than one interpreter-contractor; these will be determined and arranged by Student Support Services.  


No shows

If it appears a student will not show up for a class, the contractor is required to wait 20 minutes regardless of class length.


Ø After waiting the allotted time, the contractor is to report to Student Support Services by phone or in person and inform them of his or her availability.  Student Support Services reserves the right to reassign the contractor for the scheduled class time.  If the contractor does not contact Student Support Services, he or she can only bill for the 20 minute waiting period.


  • To minimize class disruptions, the contractor is to wait outside the classroom until the student arrives.


If a team contractor does not show up for a class, contact Student Support Services to let us know.  Student Support Services will work with the remaining contractor to decide the best possible course of action.  If possible, a substitute will be arranged. 


If an instructor is late or does not show up for a class, the contractor should remain available until the student decides to leave.  Contrary to many students’ beliefs, GHC has no official written policy that excuses students after a certain amount of time in the event an instructor does not show up for class. 


Cancellation policy

Students, teachers, syllabi, or Student Support Services may cancel a class.  It is recommended that contractors and students exchange contact information to promote communication regarding planned absences.  Contractors are not to bill for cancellations when a minimum 24-hour notice has been given.  Contractors are to ask the instructor for a class syllabus, and any classes designated in the syllabus as cancelled should be considered official notice.   (Note: Notification during the class period of cancellation for the next class meeting in 2 days is considered within the 24 hour time period.)


If 24-hour notification is not possible, the contractor will be paid for the assignment.  The contractor is to report to Student Support Services by phone, via email, or in person to inform them of his or her availability.  Student Support Services reserves the right to reassign the contractor for the scheduled time. 


Contractors are responsible for providing Student Support Services with accurate and up-to-date contact information so that we may contact you with class cancellations, changes, or additional assignment offers. 


Billing and Payment

Request for Payment can be made on a biweekly basis.  Billing dates will be provided by Student Support Services.  Contractors who are individuals must turn in a time sheet and signed invoice for each pay period to the DSP on the represented campus.  Time sheets are provided as a template and can be printed or filled out on the computer.  Contractors who are paid as an incorporated business or sole proprietorship should submit a time sheet and an invoice from their business.  This paperwork must be received by the days or dates designated in order to be processed for that pay period.  Delays will occur if the paperwork is received late, inaccurate, or unsigned. 


Time sheets and invoices may be faxed, mailed, or delivered in person to the DSP on the represented campus. The DSP will submit the invoice and payment request to the Business Office.

** Please bill promptly!  Billing received 30+ days late may not be paid! **


Class times should be to the nearest tenth of an hour, as listed on the Interpreter Time Sheet.  Because this results in consistent additional compensation, short meetings with the instructor, the rare occasion the class may go over the allotted time, etc. are not to be billed as separate items.

Travel time  applies only to travel between campus assignments and not travel from your residence to GHC.  Travel will be based on miles to/from the college and should be rounded to the next ¼ of an hour.  This is subject to approval by the DSP. Travel time to and from campus will be paid only once per day. 

2 hour minimum refers to a GHC/ Student Support Services assignment that does not add up to at least 2 hours.  In this situation, Student Support Services will pay a 2 hour daily minimum. **The term, “2 hour daily minimum” is meant to describe circumstances where the Contractor has agreed to work a short period and that is the only assignment they have through Student Support Services that day.  It does not describe a short assignment in conjunction with blocks of other work.

Bridge time – meaning the time between classes – will be paid if it is 1 hour or less.  It is expected that the Contractor be available to interpret during this time.  The contractor is to report to Student Support Services by phone or in person at the beginning of their bridge time to determine if their services are required.  Student Support Services reserves the right to assign the contractor for the scheduled bridge time.  Examples would be to meet with the student and instructor for a brief time, interpret for student appointments with Financial Aid, Advising or Student Accounts, etc.  Contractors not willing to be available at that time will not be paid bridge time.

Prep time must be approved in advance by Student Support Services.

Contractor meetings will be compensated for 2 hours of an interpreter’s hourly rate.

Parking Fees - Contract interpreters will not be reimbursed for Georgia Highlands College parking fees.  Student Support Services will not reimburse any interpreter for parking tickets. 



Service Performance Evaluations will be done throughout the semester.  Student Evaluations will be done at least once per semester.  Both the Service Performance Evaluations and Student Evaluations will be submitted in summary format to the employee’s file in Student Support Services. Considerations when re-hiring individual interpreters will include previous work history with Student Support Services, Service Performance and Student Evaluations, RID certification or pursuit of certification, adherence to the RID Code of Ethics, and the Student Support Services Interpreting Policy. 

Each semester students are encouraged to provide Student Support Services with Contractor feedback.  This information is vital in fine-tuning Contractor services.  As a courtesy, contractors will be provided with an anonymous summary of their individual feedback results.


Student Support Services reserves the right to observe contractors in their classrooms at any time.  The observer will provide feedback in person, by phone, or via email.  Contractors may request an observation in order to receive feedback for personal growth. 



If Student Support Services receives a complaint about an interpreting situation from students, faculty or staff, the contractor involved will be contacted by Student Support Services.  If a complaint about the same problem is reported more than once, the contractor involved may be asked to meet with the DSP.  If it is determined there is sufficient cause, the decision may be made to discontinue using the interpreter’s services.


Contractual Agreement


Concerns, questions, and comments regarding this policy should be directed to a Disability Support Provider.


Current Student Support Services policies/procedures that differ from any other policies stated above will supersede this variation.


Special situations will be dealt with on an individual basis.


To be paid as a contractor, please sign and date the last page of this agreement, secure a witness to verify your signature, and return it to Student Support Services.  Georgia Highlands College can pay contractors only after the signed and witnessed agreement is on file in our office.   All previous signed agreements are null and void with the signature of this agreement.


*Please sign the form below and return to a Disability Support Provider in Student Support Services.

I have received, read, understand, and agree to abide by the above Policies and Procedures for Contract Interpreters and Captionists of GHC Student Support Services dated _______________________.



Interpreter/Captionist’s name     (Please print)    




Interpreter/Captionist’s signature                                                                  date signed




Witness’s signature (required)                                                                      date signed


Thank you for working with Student Support Services at Georgia Highlands College!

Approved by Cabinet, 11-27-06

Page last updated: April 18, 2012