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Policy for Nursing Faculty Travel

Policy for Nursing Faculty Travel

The Nursing Department is budgeted money for ‘inter-campus Travel” which is for traveling between campuses for teaching and registration and “Travel” which is for discipline and college meetings and educational conferences.

1.          Inter-campus travel is established by college policy and the nursing department adheres to this policy. All travel between campuses (Heritage Hall is considered part of Rome campus) which is greater than the miles traveled from a faculty member’s home to the campus he/she is stationed will be paid for if the faculty member is going to that campus to teach a class or advise students. This travel associated with college business will be financed first before other travel.

2.          Travel money will be distributed according to the following policy: The Director of Nursing will have travel expenses covered to attend Board of Regents Nursing Subcommittee meetings, Board of Nursing meetings, Associate Degree Nursing meetings, and other meetings necessary as part of the job expectations. Travel money will be split among the faculty for educational conferences considering the following priorities:

a.   faculty who are attending system meetings

b.   faculty who are doing conference presentations

c.   faculty attending educational programs that directly relate to discipline education applicable to teaching associate degree nurses and educational techniques to enhance student learning.

d.   faculty attending educational programs that are inexpensive

e.   faculty accompanying students to state and national conventions

f.   faculty who have not recently attended continuing educational programs

g.   faculty who have been employed the longest


Faculty will decide if the money will be split equally among all nursing faculty as much as possible considering the above priorities or if a few trips will be fully funded. Every three years faculty are expected to attend a national convention.

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