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Policy and Procedure Manual Section 15 XX





Georgia Highlands College (GHC) will award academic credit for appropriate courses in the USG core curriculum for corresponding subject areas in a completed International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in which the student obtained designated end of course assessment scores.  Both Standard Level (college preparatory) and Higher Level (college comparable) courses will be considered for credit in a completed Diploma Program, as the program does not allow students to take all Higher Level courses. The course credit schema in the table below will be used at GHC, with allowances made for variable credits in each category to account for labs, and on occasion, for depth of material covered in the IB Program subject area that may be comparable to more than one college level course.

Semester Credit Hours Granted


Standard Level

Higher Level






3 - 4


0  4

3 - 8

6 - 7

3  8

3 - 12


The Registrar will work with GHC academic divisions to determine the courses for which students receive college credit.

The total college course credits awarded for IB assessments may not exceed 24.

If a student believes that the assessment of his or her work from the IB Diploma Program and subsequent awarding of credits for such is in error, he or she may file an appeal with the appropriate academic dean and request a re-assessment.  As with other academic matters, if the issue is not satisfactorily resolved at the division level, the student may then appeal to the vice president for academic affairs, whose decision in the matter will be final.  

After the appropriate core courses are credited, if the student (diploma completer) has additional acceptable IB assessment scores (4 or better for HL, 5 or better for SL) that have not been awarded course credits, GHC may award credit for other courses outside of the core for up to a maximum of 24 credits (total).  GHC may choose to award credit to students who did not complete the diploma program but were awarded a certificate for completion of a specific subject area for Higher Level courses with an assessment score of 4 or better.

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