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Material Elimination Policy

Material Elimination Policy

The Librarian is responsible, within budgetary limitations, of maintaining an up-to-date collection that represents the strict curricular interests of Georgia Highlands College as well as a broad spectrum of ideas that provide students in certain academic areas options to use in evaluating and selecting sources of information. Date of publication, therefore, is not always of highest priority in determining when material is to be eliminated. Pertinence of the ideas contained therein will be the highest value considered as much as is feasibly possible.

  • Elimination criteria will not be the same in all areas of the collection. In certain vocational and technical areas, a comparison and contrast of ideas expressed over a period of time may be considered to be of educational value.

  • Elimination, therefore, will be performed only with the advice and consent of the division primarily involved and, in cases where inclusion of historical ideas provokes no disservice to students.


In areas where weeding is to be done, the following guidelines will prevail:            


  • Currency of information.

  • Historical value of information.

  • Use of material as determined by circulation and observation.

  • For monographs, a listing of the work in James Pirie’s Books for Junior College Libraries or a subsequent, recognized title.

    • A work listed there in will be deemed to be of permanent value and will not be discarded until the Pirie volume is superseded by a new and recognized list.

  • Comparative value of information included in item.


Titles deemed to be candidates for elimination will be listed and sent to the appropriate academic dean for scrutiny by him or her and that division. The Librarian will give highest priority to the decision of the academic dean before final action is taken. Items eliminated will be offered to other University System libraries in accordance with practices previously approved by the University System Academic Committee on Libraries.


Approved by Cabinet, 11-27-06

Page last updated: April 16, 2012