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Galileo Workstation Policy

Galileo Workstation Policy

GALILEO (Georgia Library Learning Online) is an initiative of the University System of Georgia funded by then Governor Zell Miller and the General Assembly for the Citizens of Georgia. GALILEO workstations are provided for the direct use by the public of GALILEO services and other information resources that support the curriculum and research activities of University System institutions. So that workstations are readily and easily accessible for information retrieval by all library users, libraries may establish priorities for use and time limits.


Question: May GALILEO workstations be used for administrative functions or as personal computers for library staff or faculty?

Answer: No, a GALILEO workstation may not be installed at the reference desk, placed in the director's office, installed in a bibliographic instruction classroom, or used for other semi-public applications.

Question: May I restrict use to students of the local institution?

Answer: You may establish local procedures so that your students, faculty, staff and other primary users have priority, University System students, faculty, and staff have second priority, and the general public has third priority. You may establish time limits and may use sign-in and sign-out procedures as needed.

Question: Are there restrictions on how the workstations may be used?

Answer: You may develop interfaces that enable linking GALILEO and your local resources. You may also have local menu choices for GALILEO as well as other local applications (e.g. e-mail and word processing); however, GALILEO workstations should not be used exclusively for non-curricular activities or for non-GALILEO applications (e.g. game playing, e-mail, word processing).

Page last updated: April 16, 2012