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ADP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ADP Project?

The University System of Georgia has contracted with ADP to implement a new Enterprise Human Resources System and a Time & Labor System to provide all its employees greater access to managing their personal information, reviewing select benefits, record time entries to log time worked and leave time taken and run the payroll processes.

Q: When will the new system be implemented?

August 8, 2009.

Q: What will change with the new ADP system?

The new service will provide secure Internet access to a variety of tools that will enable you to take control of your personal and financial matters, including:

  • Time & Attendance: Electronic timesheets that track and report absence/vacation time.
  • Payroll: ADP will provide and maintain our HR and Payroll Systems as well as issue payroll payments via direct deposit, and paper checks (mailed from Augusta, GA).
  • Benefits: Through ADP, you will be able to manage your benefits and open enrollment information online.

Q: What is a CORE USER?

A CORE USER is a leader in the ADP project and will be responsible for training the campus on the many aspects of ADP system.

Q: Who are the CORE USERS?

  • Tina Proffitt, Payroll Coordinator
  • Pam Lane, Senior Accountant
  • Terri Cavender, Benefits Coordinator

Q: Who do I contact for questions and/or support?

Please send all questions and support requests to ADP-ETIME@highlands.edu

Q: Will checks still be processed at Georgia Highlands College?

Paychecks will be issued by ADP – not by Georgia Highlands College. Keep in mind that paper checks will be mailed to individuals the week of payday by ADP and will not be available for pickup at Georgia Highlands College.

Q: How will I submit my time worked?

Paper time sheets have been replaced by electronic time sheets for both non-exempt employees and exempt employees. With the new system, hourly/bi-weekly employees will now TIMESTAMP in/out each shift.  Supervisors and Managers, who now sign a paper time sheet or leave report, will now approve the electronic form on line. This will be applicable to all types of employee groups: Student employees, bi-weekly paid employees, and monthly paid faculty and staff employees. Monthly employees will now submit an electronic leave sheet to their Managers for approval however, those paid monthly will only key in their leave time taken.

Q: If I do not have direct deposit, how long will it take to get my check?

Checks will be mailed from an ADP processing center. Paychecks will be mailed from a different location to an employee?s home address; there will be a delay in receiving these checks of potentially 3-4 days. Thus, to ensure that all employees (including student employees) are paid on a timely basis, please encourage everyone in your department to change now to direct deposit, if possible.

We are strongly encouraging all employees (including student employees), to sign up for direct deposit, because paper paychecks will no longer be distributed on site.

Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?

You will need to print off the Direct Deposit Worksheet, fill it out and deliver it to the payroll office with a voided check.  The direct deposit worksheet can be found on the payroll website under Forms.

Q: What if I do not have a bank account?

You can go to a bank of your choice and request a bank account.

Q: Will the new ADP system affect COBRA?

ADP will handle all COBRA activities. Participants will no longer be able to make these payments with a credit card or via cash at the Business Office on campus

Q: Will the new ADP system affect retiree billing?

ADP will collect all retiree benefit payments. Participants will no longer be able to make these payments at the Georgia Highlands College Business Office.

Q: Will I still get a check advice?

Through the payroll system, employees will not receive a check advice. However, you can view a copy of your check advice on your ADP Self Service account.

Q: If I choose a paper check, where will I be able to cash it locally?

Checks will be on a Bank of America account. Unless you have a bank account with Bank of America, there could be a fee for cashing your pay check; yet another reason to consider direct deposit.

Q: What is E-Time?

E-TIME is an online process where you enter your time worked. For non-exempt (hourly) staff, you time stamp in/out each day.  When you do this, the system will automatically enter your time into the system.  If you have to be out sick, request vacation, or some other request such as jury duty, your manager will have to enter the hours on your timecard for you. For exempt (salaried) staff, you enter only the leave time taken for the pay period.  (For example VACATION or SICK) After completing hours worked and leave taken, you approve it. This allows your supervisor to know that your timecard is ready for his/her approval.

Q: What is the employee's role in E-Time?

Employees will be responsible for logging in their time worked and reporting leave taken to their manager.

Q: What do I do if my paycheck is incorrect?

If you believe that there is a problem with your paycheck, please contact Tina Proffitt in GHC?s payroll office immediately so that further research may be done.

Q: Who needs to register for Employee Self Service?

All employees who are paid by Georgia Highlands College will need to register for ADP Employee Self Service prior to getting paid. Instructions are available at the link below.  The ADP Employee Self Service portal will replace the current Georgia Highlands College PeopleSoft self-service portal.

Q: What services will the ADP Employee Self Service portal provide?

You will be able to:

  • View and update your personal information (address and contact information)
  • Edit or register for direct deposit
  • View your paycheck and tax with holdings
  • View your benefits online
  • View and edit your timecard

Q: If the employee is a timestamp employee (full time staff, casual labor and student workers) will they need to register in ADP Portal?

Yes, ADP Portal is the employee's entrance into the self-service utility.

Q: How often do I need to review my time card?

There is not a set date that you need to review your time card. However, you will want to keep your timecard updated and current. This practice makes it easier for you to approve at the end of the pay period.

Q: Who approves leave?

Approvers have been selected within each unit to approve their employee?s time. It is still the responsibility of non-exempt and exempt employees to approve their own time card prior to their supervisor?s approval.

If an employee?s time card is not approved, the employee will not be paid!

Q: When are timecards due?

Biweekly, casual labor and student time cards will be due at 9:00am on the Monday after the pay period closes.

Monthly, exempt employees timecards must be approved by the 15th of each month.  The timecard is to be completed for the entire month, estimating any leave to be taken from the 16th –end of the month.

Approvers - Please make certain to write down the payroll dates. If you fail to approve and submit your employee?s time cards, they will not be paid!

Q: Can I approve time cards in the next pay period?

No- You can only approve timecards during the ?Current Pay Period?. You can only view your time card in the previous period. Furthermore, you can add leave to the next pay period and save your changes, but you cannot approve the next pay period.

Q: How will full time staff, students and casual labor employees punch in and punch out their time.

All hourly employees will utilize a Time Stamp (an ADP feature to record time worked). Hourly employees will be prompted to enter their User ID and password, and then simply click a ?Record Your Time? button.

Q: Can students punch in and out multiple times during the day?

Yes- The timestamp feature permits employees to punch in and out multiple times throughout a day.

Q: What if my employee failed to punch in or out?

The approver needs to discuss this issue with the employee and address the importance of punching in and out.

Additionally, the approver may go into the employee?s timecard to correct their time.

Q: Where can casual labor employees and student workers punch in and out?

Rome Campus– GHC has timestamp computers located in the office beside Campus Safety, in the plant facilities building,

Cartersville– Time Stamp computers are located in the reception area beside Campus Safety as well as in the Hub.

Q: Can I set up a proxy to approve leave during my absence?

Yes- the eTime system does permit an approver to set another individual as an approver during their absence.

Q: Will employees need to clock in and out for lunch meals?

No, the ADP system has been designed to automatically account for lunch.

Q: Who do I contact if I experience any technical problems?

If you have an ADP or eTime technical question, please send an email to the ADP-ETIME@highlands.eduand someone will follow up with you on the issue.

Q: How will hourly employees who are working at a conference or away from campus clock in?

Their approver can enter the hours that they have worked into the employee?s timecard.

Q: Will student workers and casual labor approve their own time?

No, Student workers and casual labor will punch in and out for the hours they have worked. Their supervisor will approve their hours worked. In addition, their supervisor will be able to reconcile their employee?s time cards.

Q: I do not see a place on my time card to put in conferences or training that I attended. What do I do?

If you are a bi-weekly benefitted employee, you consider attending training/conferences for work as Hours Worked.   This time will have to be entered by your Supervisor.  At this time, there is not a Pay Code for training and conferences.

Q: Where can I learn more about eTime?

Georgia Highlands College currently has a few training documents located on the Payroll website and further information will be coming.

Page last updated: April 23, 2010