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About ORK

About ORK


Atteka Abdou
Atteka Abdou


Rochelle Henderson

E. Jones


Literary Editor:

Steven Godfrey

Art Editor:

Asst. Literary Editors: 

Blake Leatherwood

Casey McRae


Nancy Applegate, Ph.D., Professor of English

Jesse Bishop, Ph. D., Associate Professor of English



Old Red Kimono is...

...a student-edited magazine.
...funded through the Office of Student Life at Georgia Highlands College.
...a tradition at GHC.
...bringing poets to campus each spring for readings and Q&A sessions with student writers.
...looking for innovative work from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and outside contributors.
...publishing work from some of today's and tomorrow's best writers.
...publishing artwork from the most creative students, faculty, staff, and our community.
...committed to publishing high quality literature and art.
...always free to GHC students!


Page last updated: November 21, 2016