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What is a mentor?

A mentor is a faculty or staff member that can guide you through every step in your educational journey.

How can a mentor help me?

A mentor is not only your resource for all things GHC, but this person can help you achieve success both in and out of the classroom.  Your mentor will answer your questions, give you support, and help you reach your full potential.

Where can I find more information?

At GHC there are many ways a student can be connected with a mentor. 


B2B is a national organization promoting the education and success of young black and Latino men.  This chapter embraces the principles of accountability, proactive leadership, self-discipline, and intellectual development.  B2B is a part of the Georgia Highlands African-American and Minority Male Excellence (GHAME) Initiative.  Click here to learn more about B2B.

Success Coach Program

The Success Coach Program offers support, encouragement, and resources for students.  The focus of the program is to provide guidance with academic planning, career exploration, and goal setting.  Your personal Success Coach will help you every step of the way and serve as a reousce for all things GHC.  Click here to learn more about Success Coach Program. 

Women to Women

The purpose of Women to Women is to connect and support women at GHC.  The organization provides a supportive atmosphere for women to pursue and achieve personal goals, develop communication skills, volunteer for the community, and build relationships.  Email Niventite McDaniel or Sonja Wright-Smith for more information.

Academic Mentoring

Certain academic departments will connect students with faculty liaisons to guide students within departmental pathways.  To be connected with an academic mentor, email Crystal Edenfield.

Page last updated: December 19, 2016