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Special Exemption Test for MATH 0099

Special Exemption Test for MATH 0099


The purpose of the Special Exemption for Math 0099 Test is to allow outstanding students who are near the end of Math 0097 an opportunity to demonstrate that they do not need further remediation in mathematics.


For a student in Math 0097 to exempt Math 0099, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The student must have a grade of “A” in Math 0097 at the time of the exemption test.

  2. The student’s Math 0097 instructor must recommend that the student be allowed to sit for the exemption test.

  3. The student must earn a grade of 80 or better out of 100 on the Special Exemption for Math 0099 Test. The test is graded by a committee of three Georgia Highlands College math instructors.

  4. If the student receives the recommendation of the committee, then the student must take and pass the COMPASS exam in math. A grade of 40 or better is a passing grade on the COMPASS Algebra Test.

If and only if all four conditions are met, the student exits Learning Support requirements for mathematics and can register for credit-level math.

NOTE: The Special Exemption Test must be completed in time for the student to take COMPASS along with other students during the first week of exams.  No special administrations of COMPASS will be arranged for individuals who do not complete the exemption test in time to join the rest of the COMPASS testers at the end of the term.  Since the test must be graded by three math instructors, the Special Exemption Test should be completed by the student two weeks before the last day of class.

Test Contents

The content of the Special Exemption Test for MATH 0099 reflects the content of the MATH 0099 course.  The test is designed to allow the capable student to demonstrate his or her mathematical ability.  The Coordinator of Learning Support Mathematics in the Academic Support Division is responsible for maintaining a current version of the test.

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