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Communications Procedures for Georgia Highlands College Weather Closings and Delays

The President in consultation with the Campus Deans and the Director of Public Safety will make the decision on weather related closings and delays for each campus. The Director of Public Safety will notify the Director of Public Relations & Marketing of the decision to close or delay per campus(es) so notifications can be initiated to students/employees/community. In absence of the Director of Public Relations & Marketing, the Content Coordinator will be the designee for initiating notifications to students/employees/community. In absence of both the above mentioned the Vice President of Information Technology or his designee will be notified to initiate notifications.

Step 1: An email announcing the closing or delay will be sent to the full executive leadership team if they are not included in the above mentioned decision making process.

Step 2: Place campus closing/delay emergency message header on highlands.edu

• Go to https://www2.highlands.edu/site/campus-closings-admin and log in.
• Follow directions to change both campus status (closed/open/delayed) - If needed, include

message such as "opening at 10am/staff report at 10am/closing at 3pm/etc.

• Follow directions to add text to the emergency header. Be concise but include as much detail as needed. For example: "Due to winter storm, ALL CAMPUSES will be closed on (date). Online classes will continue. Please check highlands.edu for updates" OR "Due to forecasted conditions, Rome and Cartersville campuses will delay opening until 10am. All classes and activities that begin before 10am will be canceled. Please use caution when driving from your location as conditions may vary widely."

• Submit message.

Step 3: Submit same message as above to appropriate and affected audiences via blackboard connect.

• Go to https://www.blackboardconnect.com/signin/default.aspx and log in.
• Click "send message" at the top right of the page.
• Select "emergency" message type.
• Create title of the message (this is for archiving purposes and not shown externally)

• Select "to" then from the dropdown menus select appropriate audience that needs to receive message. Click box "Select All" once you build your list of recipients then click "done".

• Next select the "phone icon" then "add text to Speech". Copy and paste message that was posted on GHC website emergency header. Click speaker icon to hear a playback.

• Next select the "mail icon" then type in email subject, then copy and paste message that was posted on GHC website emergency header.

• Next select the "cell phone icon", then copy and paste message that was posted on GHC website emergency header. This message may need to be shortened due to limited characters allowed for text messages.

• Once message delivery modes are complete, schedule post to go out OR select now if you want it distributed immediately. Click the "next" button, review your criteria then click send to complete.

Step 4: Place same announcement on GHC facebook page

• Go to https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaHighlandsCollege and post same announcement as website. Always refer people back to highlands.edu for more information. This can only be done by a person with administrative roles on the facebook page. The three above mentioned designees should all have administrative priviledges to the main GHC facebook page. Others having administrative posting privileges to this page are all Student Life Coordinators, Director of Digital Media Services, and the Content Coordinator.

Step 5: Place a 140 character version of the same announcement on GHC twitter page.

• Go to https://twitter.com/ and sign in with the following: Log in: twitadmin@highlands.edu
Password: lessoncourseexam

Step 6: If necessary to notify media, send email with same message from above to local media (newspaper/radio) announcement in affected area.

Rome: druck@hometownheadlines.com tony@coosavalleynews.com

news@wrgarome.com wlaq@comcast.com romenewstribune@rn-t.com

Cartersville: Cartersville@patch.com news@daily-tribune.com

news@wbhfradio.org onair@ibn.org newstalkcorp@gmail.com

Marietta: mdjnews@mdjonline.com
Dallas: paulding@neighbornewspapers.com

newerapaper@bellsouth.net Douglasville: news@douglascountysentinel.com


Step 7: In case of severe weather closing such as snowstorms, Atlanta TV media may be contacted so GHC is included in their list of school closings.

11 Alive News: 11alive.com and click on the left side - school closing admin and follow the prompts

Codes: 3067 - Floyd Campus 3138 - Heritage Hall
3139 - Cartersville Campus 3140 - Marietta Site

3160 - Paulding Site

3161 - Douglasville Site

Fox 5: www.myfoxatlanta.com/category/234617/weather-closings - click on report weather closings link and follow the prompts

Codes: Marietta ID 1366 Heritage ID 1398

Floyd ID 0301
Cartersville ID 1426 PW 9792 Douglasville ID 1400 PW 8276 Paulding ID 2841 PW 1482
All Campuses ID 2846 PW 6482

PW 9310

PW 9335 PW 6226

CBS46: www.schoolclosings.org/closings/scstart.aspx?id=WGCL follow prompts Codes: Marietta ID 2016 PW 3732

Rome ID 2004 PW 7364 Cartersville ID 2018 PW 3621 Douglasville ID 2022 PW 1141 Paulding ID 2020 PW 7987

All Campuses ID 2017 PW 6230

WSBTV: www.wsbtv.com/news/weather/activate-the-stormwatch-closing-system/nD9gq Code: ID 4553 PW1902 (specify campus location in message) 


Page last updated: October 8, 2015