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GHC Gaming Club

Gaming Club


The Gaming Club will provide the GHC community with opportunities for new and experienced players of table-top games, console games, card games, and computer games, including tutorial sessions, tournaments and more. The club will promote a more positive image of gamers and gaming, focusing on the benefits of gaming such as building creativity and critical thinking skills; and will create networking opportunities for starting or joining gaming groups on campus.

                                               Gaming Controller                                                                   Computer Mouse

The Gaming Club currently has active groups at the Cartersville, Paulding, Douglasville, and Floyd locations. We are currently looking for student leaders who would like to start a group in Marietta.

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Come with us to Dragon*Con in August 2012! All GHC students welcome!

For more information, contact a faculty advisor or one of the campus student leaders:

Faculty Advisors 

          Michelle Abbott (404-545-8676/ mabbott@highlands.edu)

          Phyllis Midkiff (pmidkiff@highlands.edu)

Cartersville Campus

          Brandon Poché     bpoche@student.highlands.edu                                      Men Playing Board Game

Floyd Campus

         Jesse Beard            jbeard8@student.highlands.edu

Paulding Instructional Site

         Travis Boyce            tboyce@student.highlands.edu

         Josh Beard               jbaird2@student.highlands.edu

Douglasville Instructional Site



Page last updated: March 13, 2013