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First Year Experience

What is the FYE Program?

Your first-year experience at Georgia Highlands College is critical in laying the groundwork for a successful academic and professional career. Success for the first-year student begins by mastering three principle tasks of the first-year student:

  • Developing Academic/Study Skills
  • Adjusting to College Life
  • Developing Academic & Career Goals

FYE provides first-year students with the study skills necessary to succeed in college, along with the opportunity to investigate and develop career goals. Employers view a well-rounded, successful, academic career as evidence that students can be equally successful and productive in their chosen fields. 

GHC’s Freshman Year Experience (FYE) is a pro-active student development program that assists first-year students in accomplishing these tasks. The program is designed for all incoming first-year students who may benefit from these courses.

Questions?  E-mail:  kwheeler@highlands.edu

Program Components

The First-Year Experience is a set of courses that focus on helping students achieve excellence in their academics. The major program components of FYE are the FCST 1010 course which provides acadmeic/study skills, and the FCST 1020 course which offers career guidance.

Don't Forget:  The GHC Tutorial Center is here  to provide free tutoring for our students for many of our courses including math, writing, reading, science, history, and many others .  For more information about the Student Success Center please visit http://www2.highlands.edu/site/tutorial-center .

Page last updated: May 1, 2015