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Transient Students


A transient student is a student who is enrolled at an institution of higher learning (known as the home institution) and has decided to classes at another institution of higher learning (known as the host institution).  Many times students decide to become transient because the host institution offers some of the classes they need online, at a more convenient time, closer to their home, or at a lower tuition rate.  Transient students are still eligible for financial aid, however, it does work a little differently.

GHC - Home Institution


If you are currently enrolled at Georgia Highlands and are considering taking classes at another institution there are some procedures and regulations in regards to financial aid that you need to know about.  First you must request a Transient Letter to be sent by Georgia Highlands to your host institution.  Second, you must get a Consortium Agreement from our financial aid office to be turned in to and filled out by your host institution.  Once your host institution fills out this consortium agreement telling us what classes you are taking there, we will be able to award your account with the appropriate amount of financial aid.  Please be aware that Georgia Highlands will pay out your financial aid to you at the regularly scheduled refund date for that semester.  You will need to be prepared to pay your tuition and fees at the host institution out of your pocket.  You will then be reimbursed once you receive your refund check from Georgia Highlands.  HOPE is the only exception to this rule.  HOPE can be paid out at your host institution if you fill out a HOPE Transient Request form and turn it in to our financial aid office. These steps need to be completed well in advance of payment deadlines to guarantee financial aid payment.


Keep track of the transient financial aid process by using our Transient Checklist (GHC as home institution).



GHC - Host Institution


If you are currently enrolled at another institution and wish to take classes at Georgia Highlands as a transient student you first need to apply to Georgia Highlands.  Then, you will request a transient letter from your home institution.  You will need to pick up a Consortium Agreement from your home institution and drop it off at the financial aid office on any of our campuses.  A financial aid counselor will then fill out the consortium agreement and send it to your home institution letting them know how many credit hours you will be taking so that they can award your financial aid accordingly.  You will be expected to pay your tuition, fees, and books out of your pocket by the payment deadline.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Your home institution will issue your financial aid refunds at their regularly scheduled time.  The HOPE scholarship is the only financial aid that will pay out at two different institutions at the same time.  In order to receive HOPE at Georgia Highlands as a transient student, you will need to fill out a HOPE transient request at your home institution so that they can release those funds to us. Your home institution must be a HOPE eligible institution in the state of Georgia in order to be considered a HOPE Transient student.These steps need to be completed well in advance of payment deadlines to guarantee financial aid payment.


Keep track of the transient financial aid process by using our Transient Checklist (GHC as host institution).




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